The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Workshop Meeting at 9:00 a.m., in Room 160, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:

Chairman:                     Mr. Gary L. Bergosh

Vice Chairman:             Mrs. Patty Hightower

Board Members:           Mrs. Cary Stidham

                                  Mr. Ronnie L. Clark (was not present)

                                  Mr. Pete Gindl 

School Board General Counsel:        Mrs. Ellen Odom (was not present)

Superintendent of Schools:               Mr. Jim Paul

I.            CALL TO ORDER

Mr. Bergosh called the Regular Workshop to order at 9:04 a.m.

A.     Open Discussion  

School Readiness Coalition

Mrs. Hightower gave a brief report regarding the last School Readiness Coalition meeting that she had attended.  She noted that as a result of recently passed legislation, the School Readiness Coalition was being completely reorganized and would now be called the Early Learning Coalition.  She also explained that as a result of this reorganization, a school board would no longer be requested to appoint a member.  The Superintendent noted that while the school board may no longer appoint a member to the Coalition, a school superintendent could and it was his intent to appoint Mrs. Hightower. 


At the request of the Superintendent, various staff gave reports and/or updates on the following issues:

·         Financial Audit and Operational Performance Audit (Auditor General)

·         Proposed Changes to Secondary Physical Education (2005-2006 school year)

(specifically the proposed elimination of the one-year band waiver for physical education in grades 6-8, which was previously addressed at the January 18, 2005 Regular Meeting)

·         Proposed Legislation

·         Escambia Writes Testing and FCAT Writes Testing


No items submitted. 


No items submitted. 

V.            CONSENT AGENDA

A.     Curriculum and Instruction

3.       Public School Volunteer Health Care Practitioner Program Memorandum of Agreement between Florida Department of Health, Escambia County Health Department, and School Board of Escambia County, FL

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Hightower, Mrs. Karen Thoennes, Health Services Coordinator, explained that the purpose of this item was:

(1)    to amend the current Public School Volunteers Health Care Practitioner Program Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) of January 20, 2004, to expand the role of volunteers to provide other health services, including the administration of medication, if the service is within the scope of practice of the volunteer’s profession; and

(2)  to limit liability of the volunteers who function under the supervision of ECHD pursuant to the State Employed Volunteers, Part IV of Chapter 110, Florida Statues; and, are therefore, covered by sovereign immunity per s. 10.504 (4), F.S. and s. 768.28 (9)(a), F.S. 

                  5.   Contract between Workforce Escarosa, Inc. and the School Board of Escambia County, Florida for Youth Services WIA-2004-2005-04 Modification #2

At the request of Mrs. Hightower, Mr. Tommy Taylor, Director of Career and Adult Education, indicated that at some point in the future he would provide information regarding the effectiveness of the Youth Services project.    

B.     Finance

8.       Resolutions to amend District School Budget:

f.        Resolution 6: Capital Projects Fund


7.       Local Capital Improvement Fund 3910

b.   Reallocate funds from undistributed hazardous material disposal project ($60,535.00 decrease) to Safety Department general renovations project ($35,000.00 increase) and Safety Department furniture, fixture, and equipment project ($25,535.00 increase).  Budgeting initiated this budget amendment to facilitate the Safety Department renovation project. 

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, Mr. Shawn Dennis, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, explained that this project (which was necessary to accommodate the new Safety Department) would consist of renovations to a storage facility that was located on the second floor of the Central Warehouse. 

10.   2004-2005 Miscellaneous Salary Schedule

Mrs. Stidham suggested that the salary schedule be revised in order to base the hourly rates for college students on years of experience (i.e., entry level or 2+ years) with the District, as opposed to grade classification of freshman/sophomore or junior/senior. 

Both Mrs. Stidham and Mrs. Hightower expressed concerns with the daily rate of only $55 for substitute teachers.

C.     Human Resource Services

1.       Instructional/Professional

f.        Special Requests

9.   Request approval to adopt the Student Calendar for 2005-06 School Year. 

Mrs. Hightower noted that she had received complaints from several citizens regarding the proposed August 2nd start date, but had explained to them that due to numerous restrictions regarding student testing and employee contractual issues, there were limits as to what could and could not be done with the calendar.  She also noted her belief that staff had done their best to develop the most educationally sound calendar in spite of those restrictions.  Mrs. Stidham stated that she had also received complaints regarding the August 2nd start date, but was concerned that she had only been contacted by a “select group of people” and therefore, suggest that in the future, public hearings be held in an effort to solicit input from additional citizens.  In addition to public hearings, Mrs. Hightower suggested that future Student Calendar proposals cover two school years, as opposed to one.  She believed that “it would be helpful for parents at the end of one school year to know when the next school year was going to start.” 

D.     Purchasing

1.       Bid Award: Electronic Scoreboards, Bid #051504

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, Mr. Chuck Peterson, Director of Maintenance, explained that this bid award was for the purchase of electronic baseball and softball scoreboards to replace those scoreboards which were damaged by Hurricane Ivan. 

10.   AnyWhere Learning System and Management Software for Bellview Middle School

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Hightower, Mr. Don Manderson, Director of Instructional Technology, confirmed that although not stated on the “executive summary sheet,” the IT Department had given this item its endorsement after checking it against the District software Matrix. 

24.      Unauthorized Trade-In of District Tractor

Mrs. Gayle Weaver, principal of Northview High School, gave a brief explanation regarding the unauthorized trade-in of a 1999 New Holland 4630 tractor.

E.      Operations

B.   Miscellaneous

3.   The School District of Escambia County Energy Management Conservation Practice and Commitment

Mrs. Stidham noted that the documentation for this item stated that principals would be accountable for energy management on his/her campus.  She questioned who would be accountable for energy management at non-school facilities such as the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center or the Dr. Vernon McDaniel Building.  Mr. Shawn Dennis, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, pointed out that the documentation also indicated that guidelines in the areas of facilities management and preventive maintenance would be developed and would apply to both principals (school facilities) and department heads (non-school facilities).  Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, Mr. Dennis stated that the guidelines he mentioned were currently being developed and would be shared with the Board upon completion. 

F.      Student Transfers

No discussion was held. 

G.     Internal Auditing

No discussion was held. 


No items submitted. 

VII.            NEW BUSINESS

A.     Items from the Board

No items submitted.

B.   Items from the Superintendent

No discussion was held. 

C.   Items from the General Counsel

No items submitted. 


1.       Status of Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Job Study

[NOTE: The Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Job Study was approved at the April 20, 2004 Regular Meeting (Item V.D.4).]  Mr. Jerry Caine, Educational Support Personnel Manager, briefly reviewed a memorandum he had provided to the Board regarding the status of the Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Job Study.

2.       Audit Committee Update – Scott Woody

Mr. Scott Woody, Director of Internal Auditing, provided the following information:

Audit Committee Members:    Fred Hurd (Committee Chair) – term ending June 30, 2007

Virginia Yeagle (Board’s designee) - term ending June 30, 2007

Aleta Hudson (Northwest FL Chapter IIA designee) - term ending June 30, 2005

Earl Lee (PTA designee) - term ending June 30, 2006

Kathy Langley (Superintendent’s designee) - term ending June 30, 2005

Tentative Audit Dates:            March 15, 2005

                                             May 17, 2005

                                             June 21, 2005

IX.            ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the Regular Workshop adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Attest:                                                              Approved:

________________________________                    ________________________________

Superintendent                                                  Chairman