MINUTES, MAY 13, 2005

The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Workshop Meeting at 9:00 a.m., in Room 160, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:

            Chairman:                     Mr. Gary L. Bergosh

            Vice Chairman:             Mrs. Patty Hightower (not present)

            Board Members:           Mrs. Cary Stidham

                                                Dr. Charles E. Glover, Sr.

                                                Mr. Pete Gindl 

School Board General Counsel:        Mrs. Ellen Odom (entered via speakerphone at 11:55 a.m.)

Superintendent of Schools:               Mr. Jim Paul

I.            CALL TO ORDER

Mr. Bergosh called the Regular Workshop to order at 9:00 a.m.

A.     Open Discussion  

At the request of the Superintendent, various staff gave reports and/or updates on the following issues:

·         Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT) Scores (information received thus far)

·         Reading First Grant

·         Financial Update

·         Proposed Legislation/Legislative Update


The Superintendent had no comments on the agenda as presented.

   III.            TIME CERTAIN ITEMS  

The following item was addressed:

Resolution authorizing the issuance and sale on a forward purchase basis of not in excess of $27,000,000 Certificates of Participation, Series 2006 (Item V.B.10 on May Regular Meeting agenda)

Ms. Patricia Lott, Bond Counsel (Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone), and Mr. Jerry Ford, Financial Advisor (Ford & Associates), reviewed information (outlined in the backup documentation) and clarified issues regarding this item.  


Notice of Intent to Advertise Revisions to School District Rule 6Gx17-7.02 – Code of Conduct: Secondary Rights and Responsibilities

Notice of Intent to Advertise Revisions to School District Rule 6Gx17-7.02 – Code of Conduct: Elementary Rights and Responsibilities 

V.            CONSENT AGENDA

A.     Curriculum and Instruction

1.       School Health Services Contract Renewal with the School Board of Escambia County, Florida

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, Ms. Karen Thoennes, Health Services Coordinator, indicated that through cost sharing with the Escambia County Health Department, the District has been able to employ a Registered Nurse, as well as a Health Support Technician, at every high school. 

14.      Clinical Education Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Azalea Trace

Upon inquiry by Dr. Glover, Mr. Tommy Taylor, Director of Applied Technology, explained that the purpose of this agreement was to provide clinical instruction and experience for Health Service Education students enrolled in the Patient Care Technology program at George Stone Career Center.  He indicated that this agreement was funded through Workforce Development as part of normal program costs affiliated with the Health Occupations program. 

B.     Finance

No discussion was held. 

(NOTE: Mrs. Stidham left the Regular Workshop at 10:15 a.m.)

C.     Human Resource Services

The Regular Workshop recessed at 10:30 a.m. and reconvened at 10:50 a.m., with Mr. Bergosh, Dr. Glover, Mr. Gindl, and the Superintendent present.  (NOTE: Mrs. Odom, Mrs. Stidham, and Mrs. Hightower were not present.)

The following item was moved forward on the agenda: 

Five-Year Facilities Plant Survey Comprehensive Briefing (Item VIII.3)

Dr. John A. Watson, Educational Facility Planner (Clemons, Rutherford & Associates, Inc.) reviewed information that he had provided to the Board, regarding the five-year facilities plant survey.

D.     Purchasing

No discussion was held.                        

E.      Operations

No discussion was held. 

F.      Student Transfers

No discussion was held. 

G.     Internal Auditing

No discussion was held. 


No items submitted. 

VII.            NEW BUSINESS

A.     Items from the Board

No items submitted. 

B.   Items from the Superintendent

No discussion was held. 

C.   Items from the General Counsel

No discussion was held.  


1.       Status of Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Job Study

      [NOTE: The Educational Support Personnel (ESP) Job Study was approved at the April 20, 2004 Regular Meeting (Item V.D.4).]  Mr. Jerry Caine, Educational Support Personnel Manager, indicated that he had no additional information to share with the Board from what was previously presented at the April Regular Workshop. 

(NOTE: Mrs. Odom entered the Regular Workshop via speakerphone at 11:55 a.m.) 

ADD    2.   Middle School Football 

[NOTE: This information was provided in response to a remark made at the February 11, 2005 Special Meeting regarding the implementation of a middle school football program.]  Mr. Manny Harageones, Subject Area Specialist  - Physical Education, Health, Wellness, Driver Education and Athletics, briefly reviewed information he had provided to the Board regarding the feasibility of a middle school football program.

ADD          3.   Five-Year Facilities Plant Survey Comprehensive Briefing

This item was discussed earlier in the meeting. 

   IX.            ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the Regular Workshop adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

Attest:                                                        Approved:

________________________________  ________________________________

Superintendent                                            Chairman