MINUTES, JULY 19, 2005

            The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Regular Meeting at 5:30 p.m., in Room 160, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:

Chairman:                     Mr. Gary Bergosh                    

Vice Chairman:             Mrs. Patty Hightower

Board Members:           Mrs. Cary Stidham

                                  Dr. Charles E. Glover, Sr.

                                  Mr. Pete Gindl, Sr. (not present)

School Board General Counsel:        Mrs. Ellen D. Odom 

Superintendent of Schools:               Mr. Jim Paul


Dr. Glover gave the invocation and Mr. Bergosh led the pledge of allegiance. 


Mr. Bergosh called the Public Forum to order at 5:35 p.m.

The following speaker(s) requested to the address the Board regarding various subjects:

            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “A”)

Name                                       Issue

Robin Woods                            “Profile of Pensacola and Escambia County” (Public Discussion Initiative)

Burnette King                           “Profile of Pensacola and Escambia County” (Public Discussion Initiative)


Mr. Bergosh called the Regular Meeting to order 5:40 p.m.  The Superintendent listed the additions, deletions, and amendments to the agenda.  (see margin notes)  On motion made by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, adoption of the agenda (as amended), was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 


(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “B”)

A.     Permission to Adopt 

1.         Notice of Intent to Adopt Revisions to School District Rules Chapter 6

Motion was made by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to adopt revisions to School District Rules Chapter 6.  Mr. Bergosh called for public hearing; however, there were no speakers.  Motion was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

B.     Permission to Advertise

1.          Notice of Intent to Advertise the Proposed Name of “Mary F. Bailey Gymnasium” for the Gymnasium at Jim C. Bailey Middle School

Motion by Dr. Glover, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to advertise the proposed name of “Mary F. Bailey Gymnasium” for the gymnasium at Jim C. Bailey Middle School, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

THE FOLLOWING ITEM WAS MOVED FORWARD: Administrative Appointment(s) [Item VII.B.1]

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Troy Brown from Curriculum Coordinator/Semmes Elementary to Assistant Elementary Principal/Cook Elementary, effective July 12, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Sandra Edwards from Principal/Myrtle Grove Elementary to Director-Comprehensive Planning, School Improvement & Grants Management, effective July 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Greg Gibbs from Construction Project Manager/Facilities Planning to Assistant Director/Maintenance, effective July 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Dr. Glover, seconded by Mrs. Stidham, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Lorin Lovely to Assistant Principal/Washington High, effective July 5, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Leorah Mims to Principal/Escambia High, effective July 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Patrice Moody, from Assistant Elementary Principal/Scenic Heights Elementary to Special Center Principal/Sid Nelson, effective July 8, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of William Slayton from Principal/Woodham High to Special Center Principal/George Stone Center, effective July 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

At this point, the Superintendent realized that the backup documentation for this item contained an incorrect recommendation regarding the administrative appointment of Jay Watts.  He amended that recommendation to reflect the administrative appointment of Jay Watts from Intern Principal/Bailey Middle to Assistant Principal/Woodham High (correct), rather than Assistant Principal/Bailey Middle (incorrect). 

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Jay Watts from Intern Principal/Bailey Middle to Assistant Principal/Woodham High, effective July 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Edwinna Williams, from Special Center Principal/Sid Nelson Pre-K to Principal/Myrtle Grove Elementary, effective July 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.


1.       06-01-05 SPECIAL MEETING (Executive Session)

2.       06-09-05 SPECIAL MEETING

3.       06-20-05 REGULAR WORKSHOP

4.       06-20-05 SPECIAL MEETING

DELETED      5.         06-21-05 REGULAR MEETING

      Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve all minutes as listed (Items 1 through 4) was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 


1.       PTA Presentation 

      Ms. Dawn Johnson, representative of the Escambia County Council PTA (ECCPTA), gave a brief update of the recent and upcoming activities of the PTA.

2.       Voyager Learning Presentation

      The Superintendent presented a plaque to Rolando Rodriquez, representative of Voyager Learning, in grateful appreciation of Voyager’s generous contribution made shortly after Hurricane Ivan (September 2004) of approximately $100,000 worth of student reading materials.   

  V.               CONSENT AGENDA

Board Members pulled the following items from the Consent Agenda for separate vote: Item V.A.19 by Mrs. Stidham; Item V.C.1.e by Mr. Bergosh; Item V.E.1.B.5 by Mrs. Stidham; and Section V.F (Student Transfers) by Mrs. Stidham.  On motion by Mrs. Hightower and second by Mrs. Stidham, the Consent Agenda, except for items pulled, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.   

A.     Curriculum and InstructION

            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “C”)

1.   Multidisciplinary Evaluation – Florida State University

2.   Title V, Part A-Innovative Programs 2005-2006 Local Educational Agency (Local Educational Agency) Application

3.   Amendment to the Charter School Contract by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and New Road to Learning, Inc., d.b.a. Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy

4.   Amendment to the Charter School Contract by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Reaching your Dream, Inc., d.b.a. Ruby J. Gainer School for Reaching your Dream

5.   Amendment to the Charter School Contract by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Beulah Academy of Science, Inc.

6.   Charter School Contract Renewal by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Byrneville Elementary School

7.   Amendment to the Charter School Contract by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and United Cerebral Palsy of Northwest Florida, Inc., d.b.a. Capstone Academy

8.   Amendment to the Charter School Contract by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Escambia Charter School, Inc.

9.   Exceptional Student Education Federal Entitlement Grants Application:  IDEA Part B, IDEA Part B Preschool, IDEA Part B Discretionary

10.   Mobile Dental Clinic for School Board of Escambia County, Florida

11.   Charter School Contract Renewal by and between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Pensacola Beach Elementary School

12.   Memorandum of Understanding between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and the Community Action Program Committee’s Head Start Program 2005-2006

13.   Cooperative Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Pyramid, Inc. 2005-2006

14.   School Advisory Council Additions and Deletions

15.   Carl D. Perkins, Secondary Career and Technical Education for Project Year 2005-2006 (Continuation)

16.   Carl D. Perkins, Post Secondary Career and Technical Education Section 132 Discretionary, Non-Competitive Fiscal Year 2005-2006

DELETED      17.        Title V, Part A-Innovative Programs 2005-2006 Local Educational Agency (LEA) Application, O.A.S.I.S. (Over Age Student Intensive Studies)

DELETED      18.        State of Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Contract, Non-State Term, No. 05-169-VH695

19.      Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund

Motion was made by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve “Title II, Part A – Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund.”  Mrs. Linda Longacre, Director of Staff Development and Mr. Paul Fetsko, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, responded to general questions posed by Mrs. Stidham regarding this item.  Motion was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.

20.   Agreement between the Escambia County School Readiness Coalition d/b/a Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County and the School Board o Escambia County Florida  (Wee Read)

21.   Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County Core Contract Fiscal Year 2005/2006

22.   Title I – Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged Part A 2005-2006


(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “D”)

1.       Authorization for payrolls and vouchers for the month of August 2005

2.       Check Register for the month of June 2005

3.       Legal Services:

  Summary of all legal expenses

4.   Legal Services:

General Fund

a)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P. A.                        $     364.50

b)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P. A.                        $     661.50

c)   Shell, Fleming, Davis & Menge, P.A.                            $     108.00  

d)   Shell, Fleming, Davis & Menge, P.A.                            $     864.00

5.   Legal Services:

Risk Management Fund

a)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P. A.                        $   5,157.84

b)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P.A.                         $        94.50

c)   Steven J. Baker, P.A.                                                  $   9,150.35

6.   Disposal of Capitalized and Non-Capitalized Assets:

a)      Auction Lists I and II for July 2005

b)      Scrap Lists I, II and III for July 2005

7.       Budget Amendment

a)      Resolution 10: Other Special Revenue Fund  

b)      Resolution 12: Capital Projects Fund  

8.       Results of Annual Physical Inventory of Warehouse for 2004-2005


(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “E”)

1.       Instructional/Professional

a.   Appointments

NAME                         POSITION                                     WORK LOCATION    DATE

Andrews, Catherine       Teacher                                          Oakcrest                       07/26/05

Archie, Carol                Teacher                                          Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Arterburn, Emma          Teacher                                          Molino Park      `           07/26/05

Baird, Erick                   Teacher                                          Escambia                      07/26/05

Ball, Evelyn                   Teacher                                          McArthur                     07/26/05

Baskin, Elizabeth           Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Belko, Minna                 Speech Lang Path                           Hall Ctr                         07/26/05

Bergstrom, Cynthia        Teacher                                          Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Blackstone, Chantelle    Teacher                                          Montclair                      07/26/05

Blair, Roger                  Teacher                                          Washington                   07/26/05

Bosso, Jennifer              Teacher                                          Beulah                          07/26/05

Bourgeois, Michelle       Ins Tech                                         Information Tech           07/12/05

Boutwell, April              Teacher                                          Bratt                             07/26/05

Broom, Tanya               Teacher                                          Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Bruening, Karen            Teacher                                          Bailey                           07/26/05

Burks, Catherine           Teacher                                          Escambia                      07/26/05

Burnett, Michael            Teacher                                          Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Bush, Stephanie             Teacher                                          McArthur                     07/26/05

Caddell, Elizabeth          Teacher                                          Lipscomb                      07/26/05

Campbell, Chantel         Teacher                                          Sherwood                     07/26/05

Castleberry, Nona         Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Castleberry, Tara          Teacher                                          Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Cather, Charles             Teacher                                          Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Clark, Brittany               Teacher                                          Ferry Pass Elem            07/26/05

Clark, Michelle              Teacher                                          Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Clarke, Keisha              Counselor                                       Escambia                      07/12/05

Cobb, LaQuette             Teacher                                          Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Coker, Sandra               Teacher                                          Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Cotita, Amber               Teacher                                          Holm                            07/26/05

Cowan, Laura               Teacher                                          Jim Allen                      07/26/05

Cramer, Margaret         Teacher                                          Brown Barge                07/26/05

Cravey, Ashley             Teacher                                          Holm                            07/26/05

Crittenden, Kathleen      Teacher                                          Washington                   07/26/05

Cruz, Ashley                 Teacher                                          Montclair                      07/26/05

Dantin, Jennifer             Teacher                                          Yniestra                        07/26/05

Davis, Rosalie               Teacher                                          Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Doyal, Paul                   Teacher                                          Workman                      07/26/05

Elowsky, Stephanie        Teacher                                          Northview          07/26/05

Encinias, Steven            Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Faircloth, Angela           Teacher                                          Lipscomb                      07/26/05

Forehand, Patricia         Teacher                                          Northview                     07/26/05

Franklin, Lauren            Teacher                                          Bailey                           07/26/05

French, Jacqueline         Teacher                                          McArthur                     07/26/05

Friedl, Laura                 Teacher                                          Jim Allen                      07/26/05

Gaffney, Stephanie        Teacher                                          Navy Point                    07/26/05

Gambill, Melanie            Tech III-TV & Video                      Information Tech           07/01/05

Gartman, Judith             Teacher                                          Brentwood Elem           07/26/05

Garz, Tara                    Teacher                                          Escambia                      07/26/05

Gentry, Brandi               Teacher                                          West FL High               07/26/05

Gibson, Katie                Teacher                                          Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Gilman, Heather            Teacher                                          Ransom                        07/26/05

Gordon, Jessica             Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Gower, Jeffrey              Teacher                                          Escambia                      07/01/05

Gray, Shelley                 Teacher                                          Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Gresham, Doyle            Law Enf Ins                                    George Stone       06/23/05 (PT)

Griffin, Sandra               Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Griffin, Vicki                 Teacher                                          Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Groves, Yang                Teacher                                          Woodham                     07/26/05

Gulley, Leigh                 Teacher                                          Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Hahn, Lori                    Teacher                                          Hellen Caro         07/26/05 (PT)

Hall, Anne                    Teacher                                          Northview/E Ward        07/26/05

Hereford, Thomas         Teacher                                          West FL High               07/26/05

Hetue, Greg                  Teacher                                          Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Holley, Sheila                Teacher                                          Oakcrest                       07/26/05

Hopkins, Carol              Teacher                                          Northview                     07/26/05

Horn, Janet                   Teacher                                          Hellen Caro                  07/26/05

Howell, Paula                Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Jernigan, Wimberly        Teacher                                          Ransom                        07/26/05

Johns, Ilaina                  Teacher                                          Washington                   07/26/05

Keasey, Stephanie         Teacher                                          Montclair                      07/26/05

Keistler, Charles            Teacher                                          Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Kimmel, Camille            Teacher                                          Workman                      07/26/05

Kinzer, Daniel               Teacher                                          Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Kirk, Janette                 Teacher                                          Workman                      07/26/05

Kivlan, Erin                   Teacher                                          Bellview Elem               07/26/05

Knoll, Patricia               Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Knowles, Bethany         Teacher                                          Bailey                           07/26/05

Kogele, Rebecca           Teacher                                          Semmes                        07/26/05

Kukes, Jennifer             Teacher                                          Bailey                           07/26/05

Laird, Trudy                  Teacher                                          Bellview Elem               07/26/05

Lovett, Cecily                Teacher                                          Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Lowry, Janet                 Teacher                                          Carver/Century             07/26/05

Marengo, William          Teacher                                          Ensley                          07/26/05

Martelli, Mary               Teacher                                          Pensacola                     07/26/05

McBride, Patrick           Teacher                                          Ransom                        07/26/05

McDonald, Lawrence    Teacher                                          Northview                     07/26/05

McKenzie, Patricia        Teacher                                          Oakcrest                       07/26/05

McLaughlin, Sarah        Speech Lang Path                           Hall Ctr                         07/26/05

Melton-McCoy, Shirley  Teacher                                          Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Mobley, Shelton             Teacher                                          Brownsville                   07/26/05

Muir, Jeremy                 Teacher                                          Washington             07/26/05

Murphy, Catrina            Teacher                                          Bratt                             07/26/05

Nelson, Byron               Teacher                                          Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Nelson, Lisa                  Teacher                                          McArthur                     07/26/05

Newman, Gary              Counselor                                       Escambia                      07/12/05

Orr, Nathan                  Teacher                                          Weis                             07/26/05

Pace, Gina                    Teacher                                          Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Page, Teresita               Teacher                                          Woodham                     07/26/05

Ponds, Deirdra              Teacher                                          Pensacola                     07/26/05

Posta, Alicia                  Teacher                                          Lipscomb                      07/26/05

Pribble, Jeffrey              Teacher                                          Escambia                      07/26/05

Provine, Aaron              Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Ralston, Geraldine         Teacher                                          Lincoln Park                 07/26/05

Ramirez, Dawn             Coordinator                                     School Choice               07/01/05

Richardson, Michael      Teacher                                          Fine Arts                      07/26/05

Riffenburg, Sean           Teacher                                          Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Riggs, Hayden               Teacher                                          Montclair                      07/26/05

Riner, Donna                 Teacher                                          Woodham                     07/26/05

Rittenhouse, Patricia      Teacher                                          Beulah               07/26/05 (PT)

Robinett, Carol              Teacher                                          Holm                            07/26/05

Sanchez, Vanessa         Teacher                                          Pensacola                     07/26/05

Sewell, Creasia             Teacher                                          Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Sharp, Ashley                Teacher                                          Hellen Caro                  07/26/05

Sharp, Kristin                Teacher                                          Ferry Pass Elem            07/26/05

Skaggs, Scotty               Teacher                                          Tate                             07/26/05

Spain, Tiffany                Teacher                                          West FL High               07/26/05

Strength, Katherine        Teacher                                          Lipscomb                      07/26/05

Styron, Jill                     Teacher                                          Woodham                 07/26/05

Tackett, Dennis             Teacher                                          Dixon                           07/26/05

Taylor, Matthew            Teacher                                          Washington                   07/26/05

Threadgill, William         Human Resources Spec                   Human Resources         06/27/05

Underwood, Dolores      Media Spec                                     Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Waits, Terri                   Teacher                                          Pleasant Grove              07/26/05

Walker, Elizabeth          Teacher                                          McMillan                      07/12/05

Warren, Sesalie             Teacher                                          Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Watson, Danielle           Teacher                                          Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Wheeler, Carol              Teacher                                          Washington                   07/26/05

Whitacre, Ginger           Teacher                                          Warrington Elem           07/26/05

White, James                Teacher                                          Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Whittington, Darnell       Teacher                                          ICARE/Yniestra           07/26/05

Williams, Bettie             Teacher                                          Woodham                     07/26/05

Williams, Heather          Teacher                                          Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Wise, Crystal                Teacher                                          Lipscomb                      07/26/05

Wolf, Rachel                 Teacher                                          Longleaf                       07/26/05

Wright, Latonja             Teacher                                          Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Wrightson, Erica            Teacher                                          Navy Point                07/26/05

Yarborough, Holly         Teacher                                          Sherwood                     07/26/05

Yudiski, Karen              Teacher                                          Bailey                           07/26/05

b.       Reappointments

1.   Annual

Mr. Bergosh indicated that he would abstain from voting on any motion regarding the reappointment of his wife, Carissa Bergosh.  Mrs. Stidham moved to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation of instructional reappointments, with the exception of Carissa Bergosh.  Motion was seconded by Mrs. Hightower and approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.   A separate motion was then made by Mrs. Stidham and seconded by Dr. Glover, to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation for the instructional reappointment of Carissa Bergosh.  Motion was approved 3 to 0, with Mr. Bergosh abstaining from vote and Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

NAME                                                 LOCATION

Abney, Clyde                            Ferry Pass Mid

Adams, Carolyn                        Northview

Adams, Helen                           Pensacola Community

Adams, Patricia                         Weis

Adams-Murray, Allison              Pensacola

Anderson, Daniela                     Longleaf

Armstrong, Jacquelyn                Semmes

Armstrong, Robin                      Brentwood Mid

Arnold, Peggy                           Pensacola

Arnold, Song                             Lincoln Park

Ashmore, Suzanne                     Bailey

Atkinson, Karen                        Workman

Auner, John                              Escambia

Bailey, Holly                             West Pensacola

Bailey, Mishka-Gaye                 Washington

Ball, Catherine                          Washington

Barger, Jennifer                        West FL High

Barnett, Charles                        Dixon

Barr, Laura                               Bellview Mid

Barr, Randi                               Escambia

Barton, Laura                            Bailey

Batchelor, Julie                          Blue Angels

Bateman, Lucinda                     Carver/Century

Bauer, Catherine                       Wedgewood

Beal, Jennifer                            McArthur

Bean, Clara                               Tate

Beck, Barbara                           Workman

Beebe, Lori                               Hellen Caro

Belfield, Malessa                       Jim Allen

Beliech, Thomas                        Pensacola

Bell, Heather                             Ferry Pass Elem

Belvin, Barbara                         West FL High

Bennett, Wendolyn                    Pensacola

Benton, Amanda                       Weis

Bergosh, Carissa                       Blue Angels (part-time)

Beter, Amanda                          Weis

Billups, Tammy                         Cook

Birdsong, Kelly                          Bellview Mid

Black, Shirley                            Title I

Blair, Donna                              Pleasant Grove

Blalock, Robin                           Tate

Blanchard, Karen                      Bellview Elem

Bloch, Rachel                            Bellview Elem

Blue, Willa                                McMillan

Boehme, Arlan                          West FL High

Bond, Ronald                            Washington

Bonfield, Karen                         Workman

Bonner, Lakisha                        Jim Allen

Booth, Audrey                           Brownsville

Boothe, Amanda                       Edgewater

Bosso, Peggie                           Oakcrest

Bosso, Tina                               Westgate Ctr

Boulanger, Kathy                      Lipscomb

Bowling, Kari                            Ferry Pass Elem

Boyd, Arthur                             Dixon

Boyd, Derrick                           Escambia

Bradley, Amanda                      Tate

Bradley, Cindy                          Longleaf

Brake, Louie                             George Stone

Branch, Dawn                           Clubbs

Branch, Erin                              Bratt

Brand, Erin                               Brentwood Elem

Braxton, Terence                      Ernest Ward

Brewton, Jo                              Bailey

Briggs, Rose                             Pine Forest

Brill, Jacqueline             Ferry Pass Elem

Brill, Robert                              Wedgewood

Brooks, Stephen                        West FL High

Broome, Kellie                          Ransom

Brown, Carla                            Brentwood Elem

Brown, Cynthia                         Yniestra

Brown, Dana                            West FL High

Brown, Mary                            Bellview Mid

Brown, Mary Ann                     Sherwood

Brune, Patricia                          Pine Forest

Buchanan, Kelli                         Carver/Century

Buchheit, Marion                       West FL High

Buff, Billy                                 West FL High

Bullington, Roy                          Pensacola

Burden, Erin                              Cook

Busse, Holly                              Escambia

Butler, Betty                             Cordova Park

Butts, Jennifer                           Blue Angels

Byous, Martha                          Montclair

Byrd, Detriss                             Escambia

Byrd, Gloria                              Ferry Pass Elem

Caddell, Melanie                        Scenic Heights

Cagle, Kellee                            Bellview Mid

Callen, Rebecca                                    Brentwood Mid

Callagee, Karol                         Bellview Elem

Camet, Keperly                         Sid Nelson

Campbell, Reginald                    Brown Barge

Cannon, James                          Warrington Mid

Cantrell, William                        George Stone

Cardoso, Nicolau                       Warrington Elem

Carlson, Jennifer                       Tate

Carlson, Patrick                         Blue Angels

Carnes, Charity                         Pleasant Grove

Carnley, Jackie                          Pensacola

Caro, Philip                               Pine Forest

Carroll, Kathleen                       Ferry Pass Mid

Carroll, Richard                         Pensacola

Carruth, Jenny                           Semmes

Carter, Angelina                        Blue Angels

Case, Mary                               Ferry Pass Elem

Cash, Steven                             Washington

Caspar, Constance                    Pleasant Grove (part-time)

Cebula, Pam                             Cook

Chavis, Jessica                          Oakcrest

Cherry, Terrylene                      Pine Forest

Childress, Nichole                      Ernest Ward

Cihota, Natalie                          Brentwood Mid

Clampet, Lucille                        Navy Point

Clark, Shani                              Ferry Pass Elem

Clay, Olivia                               Ernest Ward

Coakley, Travis                         Tate

Cobb, Clara                               Bratt

Cobb, Wanda                            Wedgewood

Cochran, Andrea                       Pensacola

Cochran, Roosevelt                   Pensacola

Cohan, Suzanne                         Pensacola (part-time)

Colburn, Hank                           Tate

Colburn, Sharon             Scenic Heights

Cole, Shannon                           Bratt

Coleman, Lauren                       Bellview Mid

Coleman, Lawrence                  Bellview Mid

Collier, Thearsa                         Brentwood Mid

Collins, Jennifer             Ferry Pass Elem

Colvin, Kirti                               Brown Barge

Comstock, Sherry                      Bailey

Cooley, Rachel                          Brentwood Elem

Cope, Valerie                            Warrington Mid

Copenhaver, Lawrence              Brown Barge

Corder, Susan                           Hellen Caro

Cosby, Jami                              Montclair

Cote, Janice                              Holm

Cotham, Mark                           OASIS

Cotton, Joel                               Escambia

Cramer, Jessica                         Oakcrest

Creel, Tammy                           Ferry Pass Elem

Crosby, Charles                         Lincoln Park

Cruz, Olivia                               Weis

Cummins, Cory                         Brown Barge

Cummins, Maria                        Pleasant Grove

Cummins, Patricia                     Pine Forest

Cutler, Florence                         Molino Park

Dameworth, Catherine               Edgewater

Daniels, Jamie                           Washington

Darr, Gwendolyn                       West FL High

Darrough, Laura                        Brentwood Mid

Davis, Andrea                           Escambia

Davis, Anna                              Ernest Ward

Davis, Judith                             Bellview Mid

Davis, Karlyn                            Yniestra

Davis, Shenita                           Brownsville

Day, Randall                             Northview

Deen, William                           Montclair

DeLaune, Kathy                        Bailey

Delorm, Tonya                          Pleasant Grove

DeNader, Daniella                     Tate

Dezenzo, Linda                         Edgewater

Diamond, Melissa                      Westgate Ctr

Dickens, Erica                           West FL High

Dickens, Jennifer                       Ransom

Disher, Christine                        Ferry Pass Elem

Doman, Teressa                       Woodham

Dominick, Treutlen                    Hellen Caro

Doss, Eileen                              Pine Forest

Downs, Alice                            Pleasant Grove

Draven, Dee                             West FL High

Dubois, Beth                             Lipscomb

Duffy, Ethel                              West Pensacola

Dugger, Lindsey                        Spencer Bibbs

Dunn, Sara                                Hellen Caro

Duren, James                            Montclair

Early, Janet                               Warrington Elem

East, Chelsea                            Semmes

Eckert, Suzanne                                    Ferry Pass Mid

Eckert, William                          Wedgewood

Edgar, Barbara                          Special Education

Edmondson, Michelle                 Yniestra

Edwards, Mary                         Ferry Pass Elem

Edwards, Sheila                         Escambia

Elebash, Elizabeth                      Sherwood

Elleard, Deborah                       Sherwood

Elliott, Stephanie                        Brentwood Mid

Ellis, Tracy                                Bratt

Enbody, Elizabeth                      Beulah

Enfinger, Janet                          Ransom

Estrada, Bonnie                         Navy Point

Evans, Angela                           McArthur

Evans, Pauline                           Navy Point

Evans, Tina                               Blue Angels

Ewing, Tally                              Hallmark

Eyre, Melissa                            Yniestra

Fanella, Marilyn             Hellen Caro

Farrell, Victoria                         Holm

Faught, Aimee                           Warrington Mid

Fiedor, Nancy                           McArthur

Fine, Angela                              Lipscomb

Fisher, Edward                          Brentwood Mid

Fisher, Lisa                               Beulah

Fletcher, Karon                         Molino Park

Florentino, Cheryl                      Hellen Caro

Floyd-Johnson, Ena                    Brownsville

Fontenot, Renee                        Hellen Caro

Forbes, Malinda             Beulah

Franklin, Kari                            McArthur

Gainey, Crystal                          Brentwood Mid

Gamel, Dana                             Brownsville

Gandy, Lisa                               Holm

Gardner, Deborah                      Hellen Caro

Gardner, Marvin                        Bailey

Garrett, Annie                           Lincoln Park

Garrett, Kendra                         Clubbs

Gatti, Angela                             Tate

Gaudette, Michelle                     Pine Forest

            Gayo, Christopher                      West FL High

Gelfuso, Jane                            Wedgewood

Gengler, Lisa                             Blue Angels

Genung, Jennifer                       West Pensacola

Gibb, Marietta                           Ferry Pass Elem

Gilman, Philip                            Ernest Ward

Gindl, Peter                               Woodham

Giorgi, JoMarie                          Pine Meadow

Glenn, Pamela                           Holm

Goddard, Jan                             Ransom

Godwin, amber                          Warrington Mid

Gonia, Angela                           Holm

Grant, Rosalind                          Brownsville

Greene, Denise                         Molino Park

Grice, Rhonda                           Bellview Mid

Grier, Terretta                           McArthur

Griffin, Campbell                       West Pensacola

Gross, Carol                              Bailey

Gross, Jerry                              Warrington Mid

Gurganus, Kelly             Northview

Habbard, Leslie                         Montclair

Hall, Dedra                               Bellview Mid

Hammac, Robbie                       Bratt

Hamric, Rebecca                      Sid Nelson

Harden, Maureen                      Bellview Mid

Hardway, Laurie                       Pine Forest

Harrell, Brenda                         Carver/Century

Harrell, Steven                          Brown Barge

Harrington, Beth                        McMillan

Harris, Carol                             Brownsville

Harris, Leroy                            Northview

Harrison, Laurie                        Edgewater

Harvey, Laura                           Navy Point

Harvey, Percy                           Pensacola

Hatch, Rebecca                        Sherwood

Hatten, Amanda                        Jim Allen

Hayden, Debra                          Spencer Bibbs

Hayes, Erin                               McMillan

Haynes, Cedric                         Tate

Hazewinkel, Nathan                  Tate

Heaton, Mark                            Northview

Heck, Lida                                Bellview Mid

Hedrick, Jenny                          Cook

Heffron, Mackie                        Montclair

Hemingway, Melissa                 Ferry Pass Mid

Hendricks, Catherine                 Cordova Park

Hennessy, John                         Escambia

Herndon, George                       Sherwood

Hicks, Pamela                           Woodham

Hill, Brigit                                 Sid Nelson

Hill, Jessica                               Lipscomb

Hill, Melessia                            Oakcrest

Hill, Michele                              Sid Nelson

Hinds, Raymond                        Pine Forest

Hiscox, Julie                              Bellview Mid

Hodges, Peggy                          Ferry Pass Elem

Hogan, Barbara                         Woodham

Holcombe, Gloria                       Cook

Holladay, Melissa                      Edgewater

Holland, Gail                             Weis

Holley, Natasha                         McArthur

Holt, April                                 Carver/Century

Horne, Gary                              Ferry Pass Mid

Hornsby, Laurie                        Lipscomb

Holweger, Nancy                      Alternative Education

Howard, Elizabeth                     Pensacola

Howard, Tanika                                    Woodham

Huber, Leigh-Ann                     Pine Meadow

Hudson, Joshua                         Ferry Pass Mid

Hudson, Sanya                          Washington

Huggins, Timothy                      West FL High

Hughes, Melissa                        Pine Forest

Hundemer, William                    Pensacola

Hunter, Richard                         Carver/Century

Hunter, Willie                            West FL High

Hysler, Lori                               Title I

Idoni, Mara                               Ferry Pass Elem

Jackson, Genea                         Brownsville

Jackson, Frank                          Pensacola

Jackson, James                         Ferry Pass Mid

Jackson, Jo                               Jim Allen

Jackson, Katie                           Myrtle Grove

Jackson, Joshua                         Warrington Mid

Jenkins, Princesse                     Brownsville

Jewett, Lynda                           Pine Forest

Jimenez, Caridad                       Pensacola

Johnson, Arthur                         Ernest Ward

Johnson, Carol                           Hallmark

Johnson, Janice                         Workman

Johnson, Margaret                     Lincoln Park

Johnson, Mary                           Ernest Ward

Johnson, Niya                            Cook

Joiner, David                             Bellview Mid

Jokela, Carol                             Carver/Century

Jones, Cynthia                           Clubbs

Jones, James                             Ferry Pass Mid

Jones, Julie                                Ensley

Jordan, Shea                             Pensacola

Joyner, Tammy                         Bellview Mid

Kasper, Kim                             Longleaf

Kattau, Kandace                       Workman  (part-time)

Kattau, Paul                              Ransom

Keene, Charles                         Northview

Kelly, Linda                              Warrington Mid

Kelly, William                            George Stone

Kemp, Jennifer                          Yniestra

Kendall, Julie                             West Pensacola

Killebrew, Pamela                     Tate

Kinard, Virginia             Pine Meadow (part-time)

King, Beverly                            Dixon

King, Sherry                              Bellview Mid

Kitchens, Jennifer                      Wedgewood

Kite, Wendy                              Brentwood Elem

Klickovich, Michelle                  Ensley

Klimetz, Cathy                          McArthur

Knight, Barbara                         Beulah

Knoch, Vance                           Weis

Koenig, Tami                            Montclair

Laackey, Natalie                       Lipscomb (part-time)

Ladner, Gordon                         West FL High

Lamont, Jeffrey                         Pine Forest

Lane, Rhea                               Cook

Lanton, Sheila                           Escambia

Larson, Kristina                         Bailey

Latour, Marisa                          Bailey

Lee, Alecia                               Cook

Lee, Elizabeth                           Weis

Lehmann, Jennifer                     Bratt

Lestage, Helen                          Semmes

Leverette, Otha                         Ensley

Littleton, Krysta                        Bailey

Lobley, Uadona                         Yniestra

Locklear, Tracy                         Bailey

Lovering, Timothy                     Holm

Lowery, Jeremy                       West FL High

Luebke, Kaye                           Warrington Elem

Luker, Barbara                          Bratt

Lutrick, Patricia                         Montclair

Lynch, Robert                           Bailey

Lynn, Gay                                 Semmes

MacBeth, Jerilynn                     Cook

Mack, Gregory                          Semmes

Mack, Marcey                          Lipscomb

Maddox, Shannon                      Brentwood Mid

Mahone, Rachel                        Cook

Malocha, Kellie                         Cook

Malone, Phyllis                          Woodham

Mangram, Shelley                      Pine Forest

Manning, Shannon                     Longleaf          

Manrique, Christine                   West FL High

Marise, Erin                              Brown Barge

Markfelder, Mary                      Navy Point

Marona, Lee Ann                      Brentwood Elem

Marsh, Kara                             Bailey

Marshall, Andrea                       Oakcrest

Martin, Mollie                            Tate

Mayberry, Keli                          Jim Allen

Mayo, Julie                               Scenic Heights

McCaffrey, John                       ESEAL

McCants, Jessie                                    Ernest Ward

McClarren, Ashley                    Lincoln Park

McClellan, Claudia                    Escambia

McDonald, Jessica                    Bellview Mid

McDonald, John                        Carver/Century

McDonald, Twinette                  Molino Park

McElhaney, Melanie                  Tate

McFarland, Christopher             Pensacola

McGahan, Marcy                      Bratt

McGinnis, Sara                          Spencer Bibbs

McKay, Patricia                        Spencer Bibbs

McMonigle, Michael                  Carver/Century

McNair, Shanaue                      West Pensacola

Meadows, Whitney                    Brownsville

Metras-Ferreira, Kimberly         Blue Angels

Miller, Scott                              Brentwood Mid

Mills, Jeffrey                             Pine Forest

Mills, Lakeisha                          Spencer Bibbs

Mills, Sondra                             Montclair

Milsted, Jamie                           Myrtle Grove

Milton, Dana                             Scenic Heights

Monier, Marcia                         Myrtle Grove

Montgomery, Sandra                 Weis

Mooers, Cynthia                        Bailey

Moore, Jared                             Tate

Moore, Sara                              Blue Angels

Morgan, Jackie                          Escambia

Morgan, Sarah                          Semmes

Morrell, Paul                             Title I

Morris, Yvonne                         Pine Forest

Morton, Mary                            Title I

Moser, Linda                             Navy Point

Murphy, Kelly                           Cook

Murphy, Mary                           Hellen Caro

Murphy, Vicki                           Oakcrest

Murray, John                             Pensacola

Myrick, Jessica                         Jim Allen

Nall, Melissa                             Brentwood Elem

Neal, Lance                              OASIS

Nelson, Valinda                         Title I

Neves-DeCarie, Cynthia            Bailey

Newsom, Elizabeth                    Ransom

Newsom, Pamela                      Oakcrest

Nicholls, Jennifer                       Bellview Mid

Nichols, Jimmie             Wedgewood

Nickerson, Tracey                     Bellview Mid

Noble, Tara                               Ferry Pass Mid

Nobles, Amanda                        West FL High

Noell, Terri                               West Pensacola

Norem, David                           Lakeview

Norman, Audra                         Washington

Norris, Heather                         Scenic Heights

Novotny, Jerrod                         West FL High

Oden, Kelly                               Brown Barge

Odom, Jean                               Cook

Oliver, Sarah                             Blue Angels

O’Neal, Gail                              Bellview Elem

O’Neill, Nicole                          Ferry Pass Mid

O’Neill, Ronald                         Pensacola

O’Quinn, Kevin                         West FL High

O’Quinn, William                       Dixon

Owen, Leslie                             Bellview Mid

Palkowetzk, Daniel                    Workman

Palmer, Donna                          Blue Angels     

Palmer, Kristen                         Sherwood

Parker, Melissa                         Scenic Heights

Parker, Obreonne                      Northview

Payne, Rachel                           Westgate Ctr

Peacock, Clint                           Tate

Peacock, Tristan                       Woodham

Peebles, Brandy                                    Bellview Elem

Peters, Mark                             Brentwood Mid

Peteranecz, Jennell                    Workman

Petersen, William                      Jim Allen

Pfeiffer, Lydia                           Title I

Phelps, Crystal                          Ferry Pass Elem

Pinkerton, Cyntorry                   Lincoln Park

Pollard, Emily                            Bratt

Posey, Bruce                            Pensacola

Posley, Kimberly                       Brownsville

Powell, Alison                           Wedgewood

Powell, Kelsey                          Brownsville

Powers, Cheryl                         Warrington Elem

Presley, Jamie                           Lipscomb

Pressley, Sharon                        Brownsville

Price, Laura                              Tate

Pritchett, Jennell                        Ransom

Pruitt, Lisa                                Holm               

Pryor, Janeil                              Brentwood Elem

Putkovich, Diana                       Lipscomb

Quigley, Cristin                          Bailey

Quina, Lisa                               West Pensacola

Quinlan, Lisa                             Hellen Caro

Quinn, Linda                             West FL High

Racicot, Teresa                         Navy Point

Rackard, Mary                          Bratt

Radford, Erika                           Warrington Mid

Ralston, Amanda                       Wedgewood

Rasmussen, Kristen                   Washington

Ray, Cathy                                Ferry Pass Elem

Ray, Robert                              Beulah

Rayburn, Kimberly                    Pensacola

Reaves, Courtney                      Carver/Century

Reber, Cheyenna                       West FL High

Redmond, Glenda                      Brentwood Elem

Reedy, Catherine                       Hallmark

Reese-Whiting, Julia                  Hallmark

Reid, Kathy                               Wedgewood

Reinhard, Yasmine                    Workman

Reyes, Larisa                            Escambia

Rhodes, April                            Pine Meadow

Richardson, Angela                   Lipscomb

Rieland, Joseph                         West FL High

Rittenhouse, Eric                       Escambia

Robbins, Alison                         McMillan

Robbins, Jan                              Bailey

Robbins, Jerry                           Pensacola

Roberts, John                            Escambia

Roberts, Mary                           Bellview Mid

Roberts-Leatherwood, Kanika    Brownsville

Robinson, Jody                          Hellen Caro

Robinson, Sandra                       Alternative Education

Robitzsch, Richard                     George Stone

Rodriguez, Teenia                      Tate

Rohr, Randall                            Workman

Roland, Anna                            Warrington Mid

Roper, Letisha                           Bellview Mid

Rose, Timothy                           Sherwood

Ross, Caren                              Tate    

Ross, Diane                              West Pensacola

Rowe, Shannon                         West Pensacola

Roycroft, Elizabeth                    Warrington Mid

Russell, Schari                           George Stone

Ryan, Kimberly                         Bratt

Ryan, Rebecca                          Blue Angels

Samala, Michael                        Pine Forest

Samson, Valerie                        Ensley

Sanders, Susan                          Beulah (part-time)

Sanogo, Abdul                           West FL High

Sauls, Cecily                             Lipscomb

Savage, Belinda                         Pensacola

Scanlon, Kevin                          Bellview Mid

Scavino, Ashley             Sherwood

Schellang, George                      Woodham

Schottgen, Leslie                       Bellview Mid

Scie, Marian                              Brownsville

Scott, Carla                               Bellview Mid

Scroggins, Tiffany                     Navy Point

Seale, Charles                           Pine Forest

Sedillo, Amanda                        Brentwood Mid

Serviss, Casie                            Oakcrest

Sheppard, Tasheba                    Holm

Shields, Jo                                 Navy Point

Shields, Johnathan                     Bailey

Shoupe, Jennifer                        Oakcrest

Simmons, Austine                      Bellview Elem

Simmons, Elizabeth                    Escambia

Simmons, Jennifer                     Cook

Simmons, Patricia                      Cordova Park

Simmons, Susan                        Ferry Pass Mid

Simpler, Sally                            McArthur

Simpson, Barbara                      Brown Barge

Sims, Phyllis                              Brownsville

Singletary, Dianne                     Title I

Singleton, Michael                     Ferry Pass Mid

Skaggs, Cinda                           Molino Park

Skinner, Marguerite                   Sid Nelson

Slay, Sarah                                Carver/Century

Smart, Susan                             Pensacola

Smith, Bernadette                      West FL High

Smith, Karl                                Northview

Smith, Michael                          Woodham

Smith, Ruth                               Pleasant Grove

Smith, Sabrina                           Carver/Century

Smith, Valerie                           Woodham

Sparks, Jennifer                         Warrington Elem

Sparks, Sara                              Lipscomb

Spivey, Brian                             Escambia

Spoke, Craig                             West FL High

Springer, Angela                        West FL High

Stanford, Flannery                     Ernest Ward

Stanford, Jeremy                       Ernest Ward

Stanton, Georgia                        Sherwood

Staples, Mary                            Longleaf

Stefansson, Katherine                Lincoln Park

Stefani, Patricia                         Bailey

Stevens, Mandy                         Cordova Park

Stewart, Mary                           Sid Nelson

Stinson, Tammy             Lincoln Park

Stokley, Audra                          Ensley

Stradley, Marjorie                      Woodham

Street, Erin                                Brentwood Mid

Street, Olleda                            Bellview Mid

Sublett, Stephen             Hellen Caro

Sumrall, Drew                           George Stone

Sutton, Ashley                           Semmes

Sutton, Grace                            Navy Point

Suyat, Jessica                            Spencer Bibbs

Szyndler, Stephen                      Bailey

Takacs, Julie                             Hellen Caro

Tapparo, Susan                         Warrington Elem

Tart, Candace                           Lipscomb

Taylor, Catherine                       Workman (part-time)

Taylor, Niccole                          Tate

Therriault, Russell                      Ransom

Thomas, Derrick                       Spencer Bibbs

Thomas, Edward                       Ransom

Thomas, Terry                          Pensacola

Thompson, Jan                          Suter

Tisdale, Pamela                         West FL High

Townley, Karen                          Myrtle Grove

Trahan, Joan                             Pleasant Grove

Treis, Beverlee                          Bailey

Trice, Pamela                            Bratt

Tuley, Steven                           Tate

Turner-Ford, Diane                    Lincoln Park

Tweedy, Tammy                       Bellview Mid

Tyner, Roger                             Washington

Vasser, Anne                            Tate

VanZandt, Brenda                     Westgate Ctr

Vaughn, Natasha                       Ferry Pass Mid

Veith, Melessa                          Beulah

Verde, Vincenza                       West Pensacola

Viviano, Nancy                         Tate

Vowell, Denise                          McArthur

Vronka, Heather                       West Pensacola

Waldrop, Jennifer                      Montclair

Walker, Jacqueline                    Woodham

Waller, John                              Washington

Walmer, Ashley                        Warrington Elem

Walters, Melissa                        Beulah

Ward, Theresa                          Blue Angels

Wartman, Ternisha                    Montclair

Washington, Cheryl                   Pensacola

Weaver, Thomas                       Northview

Weeks, Linda                            Yniestra

Wells, Janice                             Ransom

Westry, Kimberly                      Spencer Bibbs

Whitaker, Jonathan                    Pensacola

White, Derrel                            Tate

White, Gay                                Myrtle Grove

White, Kathryn                          Washington

White, Krissa                            Bellview Mid

Whitlow, William                       Pine Forest

Whitney, Leslie                         Weis

Whittle, Susan                           Bellview Elem

Wiggins, Stanley                        Woodham

Wilkins, Yolanda                       Ernest Ward

Williams, Dana                          Lincoln Park

Williams, Joel                            Pine Forest

Williams, Langley                      Title I

Williams, Rebecca                     Bellview Mid

Williams, Sheri                          Lincoln Park

Williams, Tamika                       Montclair

Willey, John                              Tate

Wilson, Carrie                           Bellview Elem

Wise, Amber                             Westgate Ctr

Wise, Richard                           Pine Forest

Wolfe, Krista                            Ferry Pass Elem

Wood, Carrie                            Pleasant Grove

Wood, Jordan                            Escambia

Woods, Anthony                        Bailey

Wright, Deborah                        Bellview Mid

Wright, Hazel                            Bellview Mid

Wright, Mary                            Lincoln Park

Wright-Wooldridge, Anita          Edgewater

Wyer, Christine                         Woodham

Young, Lawrence                      Washington

Young, Stephen                         Escambia

2.   Professional

NAME                                     LOCATION

Alidor, Bernard                         Spencer Bibbs

Anderson, Lori                          West FL High

Baker, Christine                        Weis

Barnes, Woodrow                     Pine Forest

Bell, Saundra                             Title I

Benson, Margaret                      Pensacola

Bishir, James                             Brentwood Mid

Blue, Sandra                             Warrington Mid

Booker, Tonita                          Pine Forest

Braswell, Amanda                     Pleasant Grove

Caroline, Donald                        Escambia

Centaure, Heather                     Westgate Ctr

Chaffee, Amanda                      Sherwood

Chrisco, Cherie                         Pensacola

Clapsadl, Michael                      Escambia

Clark, Jonathan                         Fine Arts

Clark, Virginia                           Escambia

Cloud, Jessica                           Ernest Ward

Connors, Thomas                      West FL High

Corcoran, Kimberly                   Pensacola

Corner, Raymond                      Wedgewood

Corrigan, Anne                          West Pensacola

Cosner, Maria                           Hellen Caro

Cramer, Erin                             Pine Forest

Crane, Karen                            Semmes

Danley, Kristen                         McArthur

Dixon, Veronica                        Edgewater

Ebbert, Eddie                            Escambia

Everette, Christopher                 Ransom

Fleming, Rhonda                        Warrington Elem

Floyd, David                              West FL High

Gamewell, Teresa                     Woodham

Garman, Kimberly                     Westgate Ctr

Garvey, Dave                            Bellview Mid

Gasa, Sylvia                              Brentwood Mid

Geiger, Kristin                           Yniestra

Giles, Melissa                            Brentwood Elem

Gindl, Athena                            Pine Forest

Greene, Paula                           Yniestra

Gregory, Danny                         Tate

Grimm, Alfred                           Yniestra

Hanson, Jennifer                       Ransom

Harris, Jamie                             Bailey

Hawkins, Leah                          Escambia

Herring, Chandra                       Pine Meadow

Hill, Dawn                                Weis

Hulse, Judy                               Workman

Ingraham, Glenda                      West Pensacola

Johnson, Laura                          Northview

Jokerst, Pamela                         Escambia

Jordan, Martha                          Cordova Park

Krothe, Anne                            Escambia

Kypreos, Susan                         Myrtle Grove

Lamy, Mary                              Spencer Bibbs

Lapata, Kristian                         Brentwood Elem

Lassitter, Renee                                    Suter

Lee, Melissa                             Bellview Mid

Linscott, Paula                          Bailey

Loiselle, Michael                       West FL High

Lomasney, Anna                       Pensacola

Lowe, John                               Ransom

Mangram, Gregory                    Pine Forest

Marler, Nancy                           Workman

Marsh, Carmela                        Ferry Pass Mid

Martin, Darian                           West Pensacola

Mayfield, Glenda                       Bailey

McNair, Stacy                           Ensley

Moore, Brian                             Escambia

Nichols, Pamela                        West Pensacola

Outzen, Vickie                          Washington

Pardue, Eva                              Tate

Patrick, Angela                         Edgewater

Peasant, Mary                           Carver/Century

Phillips, Bethany                        Washington

Phillips, Lori                              Cordova Park

Playford, Perry                          Holm

Rawls, Misy                              Brentwood Elem

Rich-Bren, Renita                      Spencer Bibbs

Roche, Cathy                            Beulah

Rollins, Kevin                            Escambia

Ross, James                              Northview

Rowland, Susan                         Brentwood Mid

Russell, Olivia                           Warrington Elem

Sims, Wesley                            West FL High

Small, Stephanie                        Bailey

Smith, Christopher                     Tate

Snyder, Susan                           Pine Forest

St Clair, Elizabeth                      Warrington Elem

Stephens, Richard                      Pensacola

Stephens, Tegan                        Carver/Century

Taylor, Janet                             Carver/Century

Thompson, Peggy                      Information Tech

Turner, Kevin                            Woodham

Vance, Laurence                       Washington

Verboncoeur, Chang-Tse           Lincoln Park

Walker, Elizabeth                      Escambia

Watson, Valerie                        FDLRS

Weeks, Terry                            George Stone

Weickert, Lori                           Woodham

Williams, Leslie             Washington

            Womack, Tamiko                      Spencer Bibbs  

            Wood, Brendaleen                     Byrneville

            York, Brian                               Pensacola

             Zayszly, Francoise                     West Pensacola

3.   4th Year Annual


c.   Transfers

NAME                                           FROM                          TO                               DATE

Angstadt, Laura                              Pensacola                     Dixon                           07/26/05

Aulger, Todd                                   Molino Pk/Lincoln Pk    Beulah                          07/26/05

Avery, Penny                                  Pine Meadow                Montclair                      07/26/05

Cain, Thomas                                  Warrington Mid             Semmes                    07/26/05

Cannada-Wynn, Jewell                    Tate                             Woodham                     07/26/05

Creamer, Karen                              Pensacola                     Washington                   07/26/05

Douglas, Tammy                             Weis                             Beulah                          07/26/05

Evans, Quinn                                   Warrington Elem           Semmes                        07/26/05

Farmer, Curtis                                 Spencer Bibbs               Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Fillingim, Anne                                Molino Park                  Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Findley, Frances                              Brentwood Mid             Ernest Ward                 07/26/05

Graves, Alecia                                Hallmark                       Scenic Heights              07/26/05

Hacker, Laura                                 Bellview Elem               Beulah                          07/26/05

Holladay, Ellen                                Warrington Mid             Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Imatt, Donna                                   Bailey                           ESEAL                         07/26/05

Johnson, Carol                                 Hallmark                       McArthur                     07/26/05

Johnson, Juley                                 Edgewater                    Holm                            07/26/05

Kaufke, Jeanne                               Bailey                           Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Keating, Pamala                              Hallmark                       Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Lambeth, Robert                             Escambia                      Northview                     07/26/05

Lewis, Traci                                    McArthur                     Suter                            07/26/05

Lundquist, Ingrid                              Warrington Elem           McArthur                     07/26/05

MacMurray, Scott                           Escambia                      Pine Forest                   07/01/05

Marling, Sherie                                Yniestra                        Scenic Heights/Suter     07/26/05

Mayo, Pamela                                 Navy Point                    OASIS                         07/26/05

McCulley, Michael                          Escambia                      OASIS                         07/26/05

McFarland, Angela                          Pine Forest                   Washington                   07/26/05

McVay, Karen                                Workman                      Bailey                           07/26/05

Moore, Jamie                                  Reading/Hall Ctr           Blue Angels                  07/26/05

Nelson, Natalie                                Bratt                             Northview                     07/26/05

Nickles, Bronwyn                            Holm                            OASIS                         07/26/05

Palkowetz, Carol                             Bellview Mid                 Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Payne, Shenna                                Wedgewood                  Brentwood Elem           07/26/05

Renfroe, Margaline                          Bellview Mid                 McArthur                     07/26/05

Shumaker, Jacqueline                      Semmes                        Hallmark                       07/26/05

Smith, Clarence                               Pensacola                     Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Smith, Robert                                  Edgewater                    Brownsville                   07/26/05

Stull, Diane                                     Carver/Century             Ransom                        07/26/05

Toy, Judy                                        Suter                            Workman         07/26/05

Turner, Benita                                 Weis                             Semmes             07/26/05

Vertz, Jennifer                                Bellview Elem               Sherwood                     07/26/05

Waldrop, Sheila                               Lincoln Park                 Pine Meadow                07/26/05

Williams, Christopher                       Pine Forest                   Tate                             07/26/05

d.   Out-of-Field

1.       Appointments

Avery, Angela               Teacher                                    Carver/Century             07/26/05

Bird, Janelle                  Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

Coats, Laura                 Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Durrance, Abby            Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Goforth, Holly               Teacher                                    Ransom                        07/26/05

Hicks, Frank                 Teacher                                    Woodham                     07/26/05

Manber, Mitchell           Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

McGruder, Latasha       Teacher                                    Washington                   07/26/05

Miller, Kimberly            Teacher                                    Woodham                     07/26/05

Miller, Marie Elaine       Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Mills, Christy                 Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Nikkel, Amanda            Teacher                                    Washington                   07/26/05

Paterson, Sara               Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

Smith, Inga                    Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Vail, Bonnie                  Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Wheeler, Amy               Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

Wilson, Lisa                  Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

2.       Reappointments

Birgel, Patricia                          Bailey

Blum, Margaret                         Washington

Broughton, Karen                      Warrington Mid

Griffith, Angela                         Escambia

Henry, Meredith                        Workman

Jurczak, Edward                        Ferry Pass Mid

Krentz, Michael                         Washington

Michael, Suzanne                      Washington

Mogyordy, Judith                       Pensacola

Nodhturft, Minette                     Ferry Pass Mid

Osborn, Nathlee                        Pine Forest

Rogan, Jennifer                         Pine Forest

Sherrill, Scherry             Tate

Shrubb, Amanda                        Bailey

Taite, Vikeisha                          Pine Forest

Telatovich, Aaron                      Scenic Heights

Thomas, Sylvia                          Pine Forest

Warren, Kimberly                      Warrington Mid

Williams, Denise                        Washington

3.       Transfers

                                    FROM                          TO                               DATE

Beard, Guy                   Pensacola                     Woodham                     07/26/05

Clark, Lisa                    Carver/Century             West FL High               07/26/05

Gibbs, Dawn                 Ransom                        Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Schick, Michelle            Workman                      Bailey                           07/26/05

Terrell, Valeria              McMillan Pre-K            Pensacola                     07/26/05

4.       Other

DeWise, Paul                Bailey

e.   Resignations/Retirements

NAME                               POSITION                   WORK LOCATION    DATE 

Aaron, Diane                      Teacher                                    Workman                      05/31/05

Alexander, Melanie             Teacher                                    Cook                            05/31/05

Boulanger, Kathy                Teacher                                    Lipscomb                      05/31/05

Butler, Kristen                     Teacher                                    Bailey                           05/31/05

Carlisle, John                       Teacher                                    Woodham                     05/31/05

Carter, Matthew                  Teacher                                    Washington                   05/31/05

Chappelle, Catharine            Teacher                                    Pensacola                     05/31/05

Craig, Lana                         Teacher                                    McArthur                     05/31/05

Edwards, Marjorie               Teacher                            Pine Forest                   07/08/05 (Ret)

Fisher, Lisa                         Teacher                                    Beulah                          07/08/05

Glenn, Jeffrey                     Teacher                                    Tate                             05/31/05

Gregory, Lynne                   Teacher                                    Scenic Heights              05/31/05

Halverson, Erica                  Teacher                                    Tate                             06/17/05

Hawkins, Kathryn               Teacher                                    Lipscomb                      05/31/05

Hess, Ryan                         Teacher                                    Brentwood Elem           05/31/05

Jesko, Brian                        Teacher                                    Escambia                      05/31/05

Jones, Kelli                         Teacher                                    Pine Meadow                05/31/05

Jones, Loleta                       Teacher                                    Longleaf                       05/31/05

Kohr, John                          Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   06/17/05

Konecny, Donald                 Teacher                            Tate                             08/02/05 (Ret)

Manear, Angennetta            Teacher                                    Escambia                      05/31/05

McLaurin, Lenda                 Teacher                                    Montclair                      05/31/05

Messer, Jennifer                  Teacher                                    McArthur                     05/31/05

Messer, Lyle                       Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   05/31/05

Miller, Kara                        Teacher                                    Woodham                     05/31/05

Miller, Sheila                       Teacher                                    Myrtle Grove                05/31/05

Molnar, Shannon                 Teacher                                    McArthur                     05/31/05

Moss, Gary                         ROTC Ins                     Pine Forest                   07/11/05 (Ret)

Neff, Susan                         Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/31/05 (Ret)

Newton, Patricia                 Teacher                                    Oakcrest                       05/31/05

Norton, Catherine                Teacher                                    Brown Barge                05/31/05

Poulsen, Christopher            Teacher                                    Northview                     05/31/05

Pridgen, Janet                     Teacher                                    Bellview Elem               07/08/05

Rezek, Thomas                   Coord/Comm Sch          Dixon                           06/30/05 (Ret)

Quinn, Scheshin                   Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           05/31/05

Robbins, JoBeth                  Teacher                                    McArthur                     05/31/05

Ross, Virginia                      Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/08/05

Satterwhite, James              Teacher                                    Tate                             05/31/05

Schlenker, Stephany            Teacher                                    Washington                   05/31/05

Schneider, Robert                Teacher                                    Pensacola                     05/31/05

Shipp, Frances                     Teacher                                    Tate                             05/31/05

Steel, Pamela                      Teacher                                    Cook                            05/31/05

Tate, Teresa                       Teacher                                    Woodham                     05/31/05

Telatovich, Stanley              Teacher                                    Tate                             07/15/05 (Ret)

Thurmond, John                   Teacher                                    West FL High               05/31/05

Torrez, Stephanie                Teacher                                    Montclair                      05/31/05

Travis, Leslie                      Coord/School Choice     Hall Ctr                                    06/30/05 (Ret)

Willis, Kevin                        Teacher                                    Workman                      05/31/05

Young, Emily                      Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Elem            05/31/05

f.    Special Requests

1.   Approve leave of absence without pay for the following personnel:

                                    *Cook, Patricia              Teacher/Molino Park                 07/26/05-05/24/06

*Davis, Timothy            Teacher/ESEAL                       07/01/05-09/26/05

*Herris, Julie                 Teacher/George Stone               07/26/05-12/16/05

*Kent, Kerri                  Teacher/Ransom                       07/26/05-05/24/06

*Poston, Sara                Teacher/Warrington Elem          09/14/05-05/24/06

Whitner, Sherry           Teacher/Beulah                         07/26/05-05/24/06


2.   Approve personnel returning from Leave of Absence:

      Gonzalez, Melissa          Teacher/Pensacola                    07/26/05

      Prince, Shelley              Counselor/Molino Park              07/26/05

3.   Approve reappointment of the Child Care Site Directors for 2005-06 school year:

Dillard, Alice                 Semmes

Herring, Letha               Hallmark

Olsen, Lynn                  Bellview Elem

Purifoy, Sylvia               Ensley

Reynolds, Gloria            Brentwood Elem

Shirah, Anna                 Sid Nelson

Thomas, Joyce              McArthur

Thortis, Carolyn Bratt

4.   Approve Donna Bryan, Assistant Elementary Principal, Lipscomb to serve as summer school site administrator and to be paid at her regular hourly rate of pay from June 17 through July 8, 2005.

5.       Approve Elementary Summer Reading Camp additional personnel from June 2 through

July 8, 2005:

Cross, Patricia               Beulah

Melville, Cheryl Hallmark

Mullen, Patricia             Holm

Whiteside, Laura           Holm

6.       Approve Sara Moore, Speech Language Pathologist, to work from July 5 through

July 21, 2005, and to be paid at her regular hourly rate of pay. 

7.        Approve Mark Webb, teacher at George Stone to work, the months of June and July and to be paid at his regular hourly rate of pay. 

8.       Approve Julia Reese-Whiting, teacher at Hallmark, to work the months of June an July and to be paid at her hourly rate of pay from Federal IDEA funds. 

9.       Approve Constance Wood, teacher, to work June 20, 21, and 22, 2005 in the Migrant Summer Pre-K program at McMillan and to be paid at her regular hourly rate of pay. 

10.      Approve Steve Miller, Technology Coordinator at Woodham to work 150 hours in June and to be paid at his regular hourly rate of pay from the school’s technology budget.

11.      Approve the following personnel to work from June 1 through June 23, 2005 for Century Even Start and McMillan Even Start and to be paid at their regular hourly rate of pay from Title I funds:

Linda Gott

Robin Griffis

Shirley Black

Marilyn Danielson

12.      Approve Jackie Hurley, teacher at McArthur, to work June 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24, 2005 and to be paid at her regular hourly rate of pay from Educational Technology and Enhancing Education through Technology Grant funds. 

13.      Approve the following personnel to work extended summer school and to be paid at their regular hourly rate of pay:

Paula Serbus                 Special Education

Phyllis Watson              Westgate Ctr

DELETED           14.   Approve the following personnel to work Reading First Academy Summer 2005 from July 11-14, 2005 and to be paid at their regular hourly rate of pay:

            Westry, Kim                 Spencer Bibbs

            Cobb, Clara                   Bratt

            Rolin, Mary                   Bratt

            Brown, Audrey             Brentwood Elem

            Cooley, Rachel              Brentwood Elem

            Fowler, Rita                  Brentwood Elem

            Israel, Kathy                 Brentwood Elem

            King, Lola                     Brentwood Elem

            Pryor, Janeil                  Brentwood Elem

            Foster, Shannon             Carver/Century

            Harrell, Brenda             Carver/Century

            Johnson, Debbie            Carver/Century

            Kyser, Dale                  Carver/Century

            Lashley, Desha             Carver/Century

            Smith, Sabrina               Carver/Century

            Taylor, Janet                 Carver/Century

            Johnson, Carol               Hallmark

            LaBounty, Judy             Hallmark

            Parker, Debby               Hallmark

            Randolph, Philicia          Hallmark

            Reedy, Catherine           Hallmark

            Reese-Whiting, Julia      Hallmark

            Shoupe, Tonya              Hallmark

            Waldon, Sheila              Hallmark

            Holt, Virginia                 Lincoln Park

            Jones, Sally                   Lincoln Park

            McClarren, Ashley        Lincoln Park

            McFarlane, Diana          Lincoln Park

            Ralston, Geraldine         Lincoln Park

            Stinson, Tammye           Lincoln Park

            Williams, Dana              Lincoln Park

            Anderson, Daniela         Longleaf

            Dunson, Christine          Longleaf

            Hardin, Celia                 Longleaf

            Hepburn, Naomi            Longleaf

            Poole, Lucy                   Longleaf

            Simmons, Andrea          Longleaf

            Taylor, Shanna              Longleaf

            Danley, Kristen             McArthur

            English, Jeanette            McArthur

            Franklin, Kari                McArthur

            Holley, Natosha             McArthur

            Johnecheck, Cheryl       McArthur

            Klimetz, Catherine         McArthur

            Lewis, Tracy                 McArthur

            Majors, Julie                  McArthur

            Sanders, Nelda              McArthur

            Stout, Patty                   McArthur

            Bogan, Elea                  Montclair

            Cosby, Jami                  Montclair

            Diffee, Nancy               Montclair

            Dorough, Debby            Montclair

            Duren, James                Montclair

            Higgins, Virginia            Montclair

            Keasey, Stephanie         Montclair

            Mills, Sondra                 Montclair

            Wansley, Judy               Montclair

            Warren, Darzell             Montclair

            Williams, Tamika           Montclair

            Andrews, Catherine       Oakcrest

            Bosso, Peggie               Oakcrest

            Conner, Jessica             Oakcrest

            Cumbie, Margie Oakcrest

            Francis, Elna                 Oakcrest

            Grepke, Tracy               Oakcrest

            Hall, Susan                    Oakcrest

            Henry-Slater, Michel     Oakcrest

            Hill, Melessia                Oakcrest

            Lingo, Michelle              Oakcrest

            Marshall, Andrea           Oakcrest

            Murphy, Vicki               Oakcrest

            Newsom, Pam              Oakcrest

            Newton, Patricia           Oakcrest

            Nicks, Angela               Oakcrest

            Romine, Sheila              Oakcrest

            Roughton, Sherry           Oakcrest

            Saunders, Ouida            Oakcrest

            Smith, Carol                  Oakcrest

            Taylor, Chuck               Oakcrest

            Boggan, Elmyra Semmes

            Bore, Elizabeth              Semmes

            Carey, Julie                   Semmes

            Dykes, Kim                   Semmes

            Evans, S Quinn              Semmes

            Pattison, Frances           Semmes

            Roby, Deborah              Semmes

            Seitz, Freida                  Semmes

            Sutton, Ashley               Semmes

            Taylor, Alfreda              Semmes

            Adams, Patricia             Weis

            Baker, Christine            Weis

            Benton, Amanda           Weis

            Beter, Amanda              Weis

            Bonifay, Tracy              Weis

            Campbell, Elizabeth       Weis

            Cruz, Olivia                   Weis

            Davenport, Virginia       Weis

            Ellis, Betty                    Weis

            Holland, Gail                 Weis

            Hulehan, Sandy             Weis

            Johnson, Carol               Weis

            Knock, Vance               Weis

            Lee, Elizabeth               Weis

            Martin, Jerry                 Weis

            McCastle, Vernia          Weis

            McDaniel, Lisa              Weis

            Montgomery, S              Weis

            Morgan, Tracy              Weis

            Padgett, Dynita             Weis

            Sabata, Kathryn            Weis

            Stanton, Carolyn            Weis

            Turner, Benita               Weis

            Warren, Glenda             Weis

            Brown, Cynthia             Yniestra

            Choat, Anne                  Yniestra

            Corbett, Jan                  Yniestra           

            Dantin, Jennifer             Yniestra

            Davis, Karlyn                Yniestra

            Early, Ligia                   Yniestra

            Edmondson, Michelle     Yniestra

            Kelly, Kathy                  Yniestra

            Lobley, Uadona             Yniestra

            Marling, Sherie              Yniestra

            Nunmaker, Shirley         Yniestra

             Weeks, Linda                Yniestra

2.       Educational Support Personnel

a.       Appointments

-No items submitted

b.       Temporary Promotions

NAME                               FROM                          TO                               DATES

Brown, Kimberly                 Cust Wrkr I                  Cust Wrkr II                 06/20/2005 Brownsville Mid            Brownsville Mid            *

Taylor, Michelle A.              Admin Clerk II              Acct Spec III                06/28/2005 Facilities Planning          Facilities Planning          **

*Replacing an employee who was on leave until he/she returns. 

**Temporary due to the hiring freeze. 

c.   Resignations/Retirements

NAME                                  JOB TITLE               LOCATION                 EFF DATE

Ball, Evelyn                            Tchr Asst Spec          Ransom Mid                 07/25/2005

Beckworth, Carol                   Admin Sch Sec I        Bailey Middle                06/30/2005

Brown, Janice T. (Ret)           Acctg Spec III           Facilities Plnng              06/30/2005

Burham, Earlene (Ret)            Fd Serv Asst I            Tate High                     06/27/2005

Casey, Sherry D.                    Tchr Asst Spec          Holm Elem                    07/25/2005

Cunningham, Annie (Ret)        Cust Wrkr I               Brentwood Middle         06/30/2005

Ellis, Faye M. (Ret)                Sch Bus Oper            Transportation               06/30/2005

Freeman, Christine (Ret)         Fd Serv Asst II          Pleasant Grove Elem     05/26/2005*

Gambill, Melanie                     Tele & Video Spec     Information Tech           06/30/2005

Gentry, Barbara P. (Ret)        Fd Serv Mgr II           Montclair Elem              06/30/2005

Gindl, Beverly Sue (Ret)         Admin Clrk II             George Stone                06/30/2005

Godwin, Douglas                    Tchr Asst Spec          Clubbs Alt. Mid             07/01/2005

Goforoth, Holly                       Human Res Aide        Tchr Certification          07/25/2005

Holley, Sheila A.                    Erly Childh’d Asst      Oakcrest Elem              07/25/2005

Jones, Della (Ret)                   Cust Wrkr II              West Pensacola Elem    06/30/2005

Konecek, Rose C. (Ret)         Admin Clrk II             Staff Development        06/30/2005

Lewis, Dorothy R.                  Sch Data Spec II        C. A. Weis Elem           06/17/2005

Maxwell, Colette                    Cust Wrkr I               Lipscomb Elem             06/07/2005

McGee, Craig                        Cust Wrkr II              Lincoln Park Elem         06/24/2005

Miller, Kimberly R.                 Comp Network Asst   Woodham High             07/25/2005

Morgan, Edd (Ret)                 Cust Wrkr II              Myrtle Grove Elem        06/09/2005

Partrick, David L. (Ret)          Carpenter II               Maintenance                 06/30/2005

Partrick, Linda A. (Ret)          Sch Data Spec II        Pine Meadow Elem       06/30/2005

Richardson, Barbara (Ret)      Cust Wrkr I               Pensacola High             06/30/2005 

Thomas, Erma J. (Ret)         Tchr Asst Spec          Holm Elem                    05/31/2005*

Watson, Trudy M.                  Cust Wrkr I               Hellen Caro Elem          06/07/2005

Weinmann, Etsuko Sue (Ret)  Sch Data Spec II        Ferry Pass Elem            06/30/2005

*Documentation received ESP post June Board agenda deadline

d.   Terminations

NAME                                  JOB TITLE               LOCATION                 EFF DATE

McCord, Gordon                    Maint Wrkr I              Woodham High             06/24/2005

e.   Suspensions

-No items submitted 

f.    Dismissals  

-No items submitted

g.   Leave of Absence                          

NAME                               TITLE                    LOCATION                 DATES

Domini, Edward                  Fire Supp Tech II    Maintenance                 06/02/05-06/01/06

Goodale, Nellie                    Cust Wrkr II           Lipscomb Elem             06/06/05-08/31/05

h.   Special Requests

-Correct effective date of resignation for Victor E. Barber from March 18, 2005 to March 22, 2005.  It was reported that the employee verbally resigned on March 18, 2005; however, he was turned in for annual leave through March 22, 2005. 

3.       Risk Management

a.   Trailer Resident Lease for Brownsville Middle School

4.   Employee Services

-No items submitted

5.   Affirmative Action

-No items submitted      


(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “F”)

1.       Bid Award:  Slush Type Beverages, Bid #053503

2.       Bid Renewal:  Three (3) Year Personal Computer Maintenance Agreement, RFP #043404

3.       Annual Agreement Renewal:  Telecommunications Services for Operational Departments

4.       Annual Agreement Renewal:  Driver’s Education Vehicle Lease

5.       Annual Agreement Renewal:  Administration of Hepatitis B Shots  

6.       Novell Network and GroupWise Software Licenses

7.       Maps/Globes/Atlases for Various Schools

8.       Architectural/Engineering Services for Various Schools and the Central Warehouse

9.       Architectural/Engineering Services for Safety Projects at Various Schools

10.      Floor Covering for Hellen Caro Elementary School

11.      Roofing Repairs for Montclair Elementary School

12.      Paving of Drivers' Education Range at West Florida School of Advanced Technology

13.      Lease Payment for Dell Computers at West Florida High School of Advanced Technology

14.      Bid Award:  C. A. Weis Elementary School Re-roofing (Hurricane Ivan)

15.      Contract Amendment #2:  Construction Management at Risk Services for Renovations, Repairs and/or Additions to Gymnasiums at Various Schools

16.      Portable Modular Classroom Units for Various Schools

17.      Change Notice #2 to Purchase Order #270637

18.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #267903

19.      Change Notice #2 to Purchase Order #262674

20.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #267908

21.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #267902

22.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #902038

23.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #902056

24.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #902098

25.      Architectural/Engineering Services for Athletic Facilities at Various Schools, Group II

26.      Architectural/Engineering Services for Brownsville Middle School

27.   Architectural/Engineering Services for Warrington Middle School

E.      Operations

(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “G”)

1.   Facilities Planning

A.     Final Payments

1.   Bailey Middle School Power Quality Upgrade

2.       Oakcrest Elementary School Classroom Renovations

3.       Walnut Hill Bus Garage Hydraulic Lift Replacement

B.   Miscellaneous

1.   Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Applications

2.   Pre-Qualification of Contractors

3.    Lease Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church of Pensacola, Inc.

4.       Cooperative Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Escambia County*/***

5.       Memorandum of Understanding between the Board of County Commissioners of Escambia County, FL and the Escambia County School Board*/**

*At this point, Mrs. Stidham realized that she had incorrectly pulled Item V.E.1.B.5 for separate vote rather than Item V.E.1.B.4 (see Section V, “Consent Agenda”). 

   **Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve Item V.E.1.B.5, “Memorandum of Understanding between the Board of County Commissioners of Escambia County, FL and the Escambia County School Board,” was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.    

***Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to reconsider Item V.E.1.B.4, “Cooperative Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Escambia County” (item was approved as part of the Consent Agenda: see Section V, “Consent Agenda”), was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.  Motion was then made by Mrs. Stidham and seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve Item V.E.1.B.4, “Cooperative Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Escambia County.”  Mr. Shawn Dennis, Assistant Superintendent for Operations responded to general questions posed by Mrs. Stidham regarding this item.  Motion was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

2.       School Food Services 

A.     Miscellaneous

1.   Contract for Off-Site Preparation of Meals – Practical Academic Cultural Education Center for Girls, Inc. (PACE)

2.   Contract for Off-Site Preparation of Meals – Escambia Bay Marine Institute

3.   Maintenance 

-No items submitted 

4.   Transportation

- No items submitted

5.   Central Warehouse

-No items submitted

6.   Information Technology   

-No items submitted

7.   Security, Safety & Emergency Operations

-No items submitted

8.   Energy Management

-No items submitted

F.   Student Transfers

(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “H”)        

Motion was made by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to approve Student Transfers.  Mr. Paul Fetsko, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, responded to general questions posed by Mrs. Stidham and Mrs. Hightower regarding this item.  Motion was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.   

G.     Internal Auditing

(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “I”)

1.   internal Funds Audits with findings

a.       Escambia High School for fiscal year 2003-04

b.       Pine Forest High School for fiscal year 2003-04

2.       Internal Funds Audits without findings other than segregation of duties

a.   Bratt Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

b.   C. A. Weis Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

c.       Edgewater Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

d.       Ensley Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

e.       Hallmark Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

f.        Molino Park Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

g.       Myrtle Grove Elementary School for fiscal year 2003-04

h.       Pensacola High School for fiscal year 2003-04

3.       Inventory Adjustment Reports

4.   Other

-No items submitted



-No items submitted

VII.               NEW BUSINESS


1.   Appointment of Alternate Representative to FSBA Legislative Committee

Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Mrs. Stidham, to appoint Mr. Bergosh as an alternate representative to the FSBA Legislative Committee, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

2.   School Calendar Survey Process 

(NOTE: This item was previously addressed at the July 18, 2005 Regular Workshop.) 

Mrs. Hightower gave a brief recap of the discussion that took place at the July 18, 2005 Regular Workshop regarding this item.  Further discussion took place amongst Board Members and the Superintendent; however, no action was taken.  As noted at the Workshop, this item would be addressed again at the July 26, 2005 Special Meeting. 

The following speaker(s) requested to address the Board regarding this item: Ellen Lawrence. 


AMENDED    1.   Administrative Appointment(s)

This item was handled earlier in the meeting. 

ADD          2.   As per information requested by the School Board – Hurricane Dennis obligations under emergency authorization as of 07/18/05

(NOTE: No action was taken on this item.) 

The Superintendent indicated that this information had been provided to the Board. 

ADD          3.   Request for extension of emergency authorization for purchases relating to Hurricane Dennis recovery until August, 2005 Regular School Board meeting

[NOTE: At the July 7, 2005 Emergency Meeting, the Board granted the Superintendent emergency authorization to exceed his spending limit as necessary, to facilitate the cleanup and/or repair of damage resulting from Hurricane Dennis, until the next meeting of the Board (July 19, 2005 Regular Meeting).] 

Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Dr. Glover, to extend the Superintendent’s emergency authorization for purchases relating to Hurricane Dennis recovery until the August Regular Board Meeting, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 


-No items submitted

VIII.               ADJOURNMENT

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 6:50 p.m., was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.   

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