The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Regular Meeting at 5:30 p.m., in Room 160, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:

            Chairman:                     Mr. Gary Bergosh                     Vice Chairman:             Mrs. Patty Hightower

            Board Members:           Mrs. Cary Stidham

                                                Dr. Charles E. Glover, Sr.

                                                Mr. Pete Gindl, Sr. (not present)

            School Board General Counsel:        Mrs. Ellen D. Odom 

            Superintendent of Schools:               Mr. Jim Paul


      Mrs. Debbie King gave the invocation and Mr. Bergosh led the pledge of allegiance.   


Mr. Bergosh called the Public Forum to order at 5:33 p.m.

The following speaker(s) requested to the address the Board regarding various subjects:

            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “A”)

Name                                       Issue

Benny Washington                    Full Semester Credit for African-American History/

                                                11-month or 12-month Salary for Basketball & Baseball Coaches/ Woodham High School Bus Transportation Issues

La’Terra Hunter                       Student Concerns (i.e., detention, violation of privacy)

Gail Ham                                  School Bus Safety (Students and Drivers)

Robin Woods                            “Profile of Pensacola and Escambia County” (Public Discussion Initiative)

Ralph Sawning                          School Bus Safety (Students and Drivers)  

Gail Husbands                           Bridge Loan for Teachers Affected by Long Pay-Cycle


The following members of the Tate High School baseball team were recognized for winning the 2004-2005 State Baseball Championship:

Players: Joey Archer; Chad Bowling; Brandon Brown; Jet Butler; Josh Clark; Bryan Doss; David Doss; Brandon Farmer; Brandon Giles; Ryan Gray; Jake Hicks; Kevin Jones; Michael Mack; Kenny McDonald; Garrett Morris; Bill Patrick; Bryan Schaff; Matt Stokes; Preston Stokes; and Josh Windham. 

Coaches: Greg Blackmon; Todd Boyd; Danny Burke; Michael Knight; Rob Mason; David Meredith; Joe Murphy; and Chris Smith. 

Managers: Lauren Whiddon and Mari Wisdom.


Mr. Bergosh called the Regular Meeting to order 5:50 p.m.  The Superintendent listed the additions, deletions, and amendments to the agenda.  (see margin notes)  On motion made by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, adoption of the agenda (as amended), was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 


(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “A”)

A.     Permission to Adopt 

1.       Notice of Intent to Adopt the Proposed Name of “Mary F. Bailey Gymnasium” for the Gymnasium at Jim C. Bailey Middle School

       Motion was made by Mrs. Hightower and seconded by Mrs. Stidham, to adopt the name of “Mary F. Bailey Gymnasium” for the Gymnasium at Jim C. Bailey Middle School.  Mr. Bergosh called for public hearing; however there were no speakers.  Motion was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.

B.     Permission to Advertise

1.       Notice of Intent to Advertise Revisions to School District Chapter 7

Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Dr. Glover, to advertise revisions to School District Chapter 7, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

2.          Notice of Intent to Advertise Amendment to School District Rule 6Gx17- 2.04(3)(c) – Recruitment and Selection of Personnel, Position Advertising

Motion by Dr. Glover, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to advertise amendment to School District Rule 6Gx17-2.04(3)(c) – Recruitment and Selection of Personnel, Position Advertising, was approved 3 to 1, with Mrs. Stidham, voting “No” and Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

ADD          3.     Notice of Intent to Advertise “Lacey A. Collier Sensory Complex” as the name of the new sensory building at Escambia Westgate Center

                                    Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Dr. Glover, to advertise “Lacey A. Collier Sensory Complex” as the name of the new sensory building at Escambia Westgate Center, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

THE FOLLOWING ITEM WAS MOVED FORWARD: Administrative Appointment(s) [Item VII.B.1]

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Teresa Colburn, from Cooperative Consultant/Pensacola High to Assistant Principal/Escambia High, effective August 1, 2005, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Mrs. Stidham, to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation for the administrative appointment of Sabrena Cunningham, from Curriculum Coordinator/Sherwood Elementary to Assistant Elementary Principal/Scenic Heights Elementary, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 


1.       06-21-05 REGULAR MEETING

2.       07-07-05 EMERGENCY MEETING

3.       07-18-05 REGULAR WORKSHOP

4.       07-19-05 REGULAR MEETING

      Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve all minutes as listed (Items 1 through 4) was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.


1.       PTA Presentation

      Ms. Dawn Johnson, representative of the Escambia County Council PTA (ECCPTA), gave a brief update of the recent and upcoming activities of the PTA.

2.       PTA Membership Enrollment Month – Resolution

      WHEREAS, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) was organized more than one hundred years ago to promote the welfare of children and youth and to serve as an advocate for education, health and safety in the school environment; and

      WHEREAS, the PTA has utilized volunteer resources at the local, state and national levels to secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth and to bring about cooperation between parents and teachers; and

      WHEREAS, in Escambia County, PTA volunteers have accomplished many tasks which have enhanced the school environment and helped facilitate achieving the highest goals possible for our education system; and

      WHEREAS, August has been designated as a time to seek out and enroll new members in local PTA units to support the PTA mission and objects and to assist in the many activities and programs of the PTA.

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the School Board of Escambia County does hereby proclaim the month of August as

                                          PTA MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT MONTH

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be spread upon the minutes of the regular meeting of said Board and a copy be tendered to Dawn Johnson, President of the Escambia County Council of PTA/PTSAs, and to the PTA President of each Escambia County Florida public school. 

      Motion by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Mrs. Stidham, to adopt a resolution regarding PTA Membership Enrollment Month, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

3.       National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project – Region of the Year Award (2005)

      It was noted that the National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project had awarded Escambia County School District its “Region of the Year Award” (2005) and had selected Workman Middle School EnerJags Energy Club as its “Florida School of the Year” (2005). 

  V.               CONSENT AGENDA

Board Members pulled the following items from the Consent Agenda for separate vote: Item V.C.1.d by Mrs. Stidham; and Item V.C.1.f.9 by Mrs. Hightower.  On motion by Dr. Glover and second by Mrs. Hightower, the Consent Agenda, except for items pulled, was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.

A.     Curriculum and InstructION

            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “B”)

1.   Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Child Care Training Coordinating Agency, the Okaloosa-Walton Child Care Services, Inc.

2.   Agreement between the School Board Escambia County, Florida and Lisa Burridge and Ruth (Talis) Jayme, Art Teachers

3.   Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Rebecca DeHart and Brigette Heye, Dance Instructors

4.   Agreement between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and Shelley M. Barter, Piano Instructor

5.   State of Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

      Contract Non-State Term No. 06-129VH296

AMENDED          6.   Safe and Drug Free Schools Project Entitlement Grant

7.       Contract between the School Board of Escambia County, Florida and West Florida Child Care and Education Services, Inc., d.b.a. Children’s Services Center

8.       2005/2006 Full Service School Funding for the School Mutual Cooperative Agreement between the Florida Department of Health Escambia County Health Department and the School Board of Escambia County, FL

9.       Escambia County School District Strategic Plan 2003-2008 (2005-2006 Update) 

10.      Amendment to the Contract for Services between the School Board of Escambia County and Escarosa Coalition for the Homeless

AMENDED    11.        Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County Core Contract Fiscal Year 2005-2006

12.      Interpreter Service Agreement between Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services of Northwest Florida, Inc., and the School Board of Escambia County, Florida

13.      Agreement between Kids Talk, PL and the School District of Escambia County

14.      Client Services Agreement between Soliant Health and the Escambia County School Board

15.      Memorandum of Understanding between Southeastern Vocational Services/Lakeview Center and the School Board of Escambia County, Florida for “Option 2/Work Readiness Training 2005-2006

16.      Agreement for Occupational  Therapy Services between Alpha-Omega Therapy and Consulting Services, Inc., and the Escambia County School Board

DELETED      17.        Agreement between Sunbelt Staffing Solutions, Inc., and the Escambia County School District

18.      Florida Inclusion Network (FIN) Coordination, Support and Facilitation

AMENDED    19.        Adults with Disabilities State of Florida Specific Appropriation 32, 2005-2006 Funding Year

20.      State of Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education Program 2005-2006 Statewide Provider Agreement           


            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “C”)

1.       Authorization for payrolls and vouchers for the month of September 2005

2.       Check Register for the month of July 2005

3.       Legal Services:

                  Summary of all legal expenses

4.   Legal Services:

                  General Fund

                 a)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P. A.                        $  3,560.20

                 b)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P. A.                        $     337.50

5.   Legal Services:

                              Risk Management Fund

                              a)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P. A.                        $   4,783.25

                              b)   Hammons, Longoria & Whittaker, P.A.                         $      189.00

6.   Disposal of Capitalized and Non-Capitalized Assets:

a)      Auction Lists I and II for August 2005

b)      Scrap Lists I, II, III, IV and V for August 2005

7.       Budget Amendment

a)      Resolution 10: General Operating Fund

b)      Resolution 11: Other Special Revenue Fund  

c)      Resolution 13: Capital Projects Fund  

8.       Bencor National Government Employees Retirement Plan Amendment

DELETED      9.   Escambia County School District 401(a) FICA Alternative and Special Pay Plan Investment Documents (administered by BENCOR, Inc. and BENCOR Administrative Services)

10.      Results of Annual Physical Inventory of Gas, Oil and Antifreeze for 2004-2005


            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “D”)

1.       Instructional/Professional

                        a.   Appointments

NAME                         POSITION                         WORK LOCATION    DATE

                              Abbuhl, Alicia                     Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Abel, Kathryn                     Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             08/02/05

Adams, Jason                      Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Anderson, Theresa              Teacher                                    Oakcrest                       07/29/05

Ballard, Melissa                   Teacher                                    Sherwood                     07/26/05

Barrett, Billie                       Teacher                                    Lincoln Park                 07/26/05

Barry, Rachel                      Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Bass, Gregory                     Teacher                                    Northview                     07/26/05

Baxter, Barbara                  Teacher                                    Workman                      07/26/05

Beck, Ellen                         Teacher                                    Holm                            07/26/05

Bege, James                       Teacher                                    Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Bell, Philip                           Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Bethea, Tara                       Teacher                                    Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Blankenship, William            Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Blount, Thalia                      Teacher                                    Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Blow, Vicky                        Teacher                                    George Stone                07/26/05

Boddy, Heather                   Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Bordelon, Juanita                 Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Boyd, John                          Teacher                                    Northview                     07/27/05

Bradley, Laurie                   Teacher                                    Fine Arts                      07/26/05

Brennan, Dorice                  Teacher                                    Pine Meadow                07/26/05

Brooks, Reda                      Teacher                                    Edgewater                    07/28/05

Brooks-Marshall, Annie       Teacher                                    Ensley                          08/01/05

Broome, Ryan                     Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Broome, William                  Teacher                                    Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Brown, Dorothy                  Teacher                                    Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Burke, Stephanie                 Teacher                                    Suter                            08/01/05

Burton, Laurie                     Teacher                                    Molino Park                  07/26/05

Cain, Kristin                        Teacher                                    Brentwood Elem           07/26/05

Calloway, Tami                   Teacher                                    Bratt                             07/26/05

Campbell, Elizabeth             Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Carey, Molly                       Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Carter, Keithann                  Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Casey, Sherry                     Teacher                                    Holm                            07/26/05

Chism, Heidi                       Teacher                                    Montclair                      07/26/05

Cobb, Dena                         Teacher                                    Cordova Park                08/01/05

Coleman, Armanda              Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Colley, Emily                       Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Cornacchione, Frank            Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Corrigan, Meredith              Teacher                                    McMillan                      07/26/05

Cortazal, John                     Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Cortazal, Wanda                  Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Cox, James                         Psychologist                  Hall Ctr                                    08/01/05

Culbertson, Theresa             Teacher                                    Escambia                      08/02/05

Curtis, Monya                     Teacher                                    Holm                            07/26/05

Dalton, Joyce                      Dean                            Escambia                      07/26/05

D’Angelo, Mariagrazoa       Teacher                       Washington                   07/26/05

Davis, Arthur                      Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Davis, Holli                         Teacher                                    Jim Allen                      07/26/05

Dean, Lashandra                 Teacher                                    Ensley                          07/26/05

Degreif, Scott                      Law Enf Ins                  George Stone                07/20/05 (PT)

Dickerson, Kenneth             Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Dorman, Jo-Anne                Teacher                                    Oakcrest                       07/28/05

Dorsett, Tyler                      Teacher                                    Woodham                     07/26/05

Dulion, Amy                        Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Mid             08/15/05

Earley, Ligia                        Teacher                                    Yniestra                        07/26/05

Ellard, Matthew                   Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Everett, Evonne                   Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

Fairburn, Joanna                  Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Fetsko, Abby                       Human Res Spec          Human Resources         07/20/05

Finer, Jaclyn                        Teacher                                    Semmes                        07/26/05

Fitzsimmons, Rebecca         Teacher                                    Fine Arts                      07/26/05

Flaherty, Wendy                  Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Floyd, Christina                   Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Floyd, Rachel                      Teacher                                    Longleaf                       07/26/05

Foster, Winston                   Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Fretwell, Sandra                  Teacher                                    ESE/Hall Ctr                 07/28/05

Gagnier, Alayna                  Teacher                                    Washington                   07/26/05

Gambles, Carolyn                Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Garthwaite, Jefferson          TSA                             Alternative Ed               07/15/05

Gibson, Adele                      Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Goethe, Linda                      Teacher                                    Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Gordon, Amanda                 Teacher                                    Washington                   07/26/05

Greene, Brenda                   Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Griffin, Joyce                      Teacher                                    Title I                           07/19/05

Griffin, Sandra                     Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Gryskiewicz, Cyprienne       Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/27/05

Hamlett, Cynthia                 Teacher                                    Lincoln Park                 07/26/05

Heath, Laureen                   Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/26/05

Henderson, Jing                   Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             07/29/05

Herber, Sammi                    SLI Res Spec                ESE                              08/02/05

Hill, Bridgette                      Teacher                                    Bailey                           07/26/05

Hill, Carolyn                        Teacher                                    Cook                            07/27/05

Hoellen, Jeremi                   Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Hogan, Barbara                   Teacher                                    Washington                   07/26/05

Holmes, Joe                        Teacher                                    Clubbs                          08/01/05

Homer, Stanley                   Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Hood, Jennifer                     Teacher                                    Bailey                           07/26/05

House, Theresa                   Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/26/05

Hunger, Kelli                       Teacher                                    Blue Angels                  07/26/05

Hutcherson, James              Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Igo, Kelley                          Teacher                                    Fine Arts                      07/26/05

Jackson, Torri                     Teacher                                    Navy Point                    07/26/05

Jernigan, Julie                      Teacher                                    Workman                      07/26/05

Jones, Jennifer                    Teacher                                    Molino Park                  07/26/05

Jones, Patricia                     Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Kennedy, Jennifer               Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

Kennedy, Michael               Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             08/01/05

Knight, Nicole                     Teacher                                    Semmes                        07/26/05

Kolinsky, Judy                     Psychologist                  Hall Ctr                                    08/01/05

Lannan, Janel                      Teacher                                    Navy Point                    07/26/05

Lee, Stacey                         Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Lindemann, Diane               Teacher                                    Pensacola                     07/26/05

Linebach, Lindsey               Teacher                                    Pleasant Grove              07/26/05

Linebach, Rachel                 Teacher                                    Hellen Caro                  07/26/05

Loftin, Brandi                      Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Elem            07/26/05

Longshore, Theresa             Teacher                                    Dixon Ed Ctr                 07/26/05

Lopez, Lynne                      Teacher                                    Ransom                        07/26/05

Lukevics, Maura                 Teacher                                    Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Lunau, Brian                       Teacher                                    Tate                             07/26/05

Lyle, Kathleen                     Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

MacNaughton, Theresa       Teacher                                    West FL High               08/01/05

Malecha, Kenneth               Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Mate, Lindsay                     Teacher                                    Pensacola                     07/26/05

McCants, Woodrow                        Teacher                                    ESE/Hall Ctr                 08/15/05

McCorduck, Kerry              Teacher                                    Brown Barge                07/26/05

McGuigin, Carrie                 Teacher                                    Bailey                           07/26/05

McLaughlin, Ann                 Teacher                                    West Pensacola                        07/26/05

McLeod, Venieta                Teacher                                    Pine Meadow                07/26/05

McNaughton, Albert            Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Moore, Delena                    Teacher                                    Clubbs                          07/29/05

Newsome, Angelia              Teacher                                    Clubbs                          07/29/05

Norman, Schari                   Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Oliver, Susan                       Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Petersen, Jessica                 Teacher                                    Tate                             07/27/05

Phillips, Amber                    Teacher                                    Bratt                             07/26/05

Piatt, Hytza                         Teacher                                    West FL High               07/26/05

Pittman, Annabelle              Teacher                                    Ransom                        08/01/05

Playford, Perry                    Certified Behav Analyst  Hall Ctr                       07/25/05

Pope, Eugenia                     Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/28/05           

Pressley, Jill                        Teacher                                    Bellview Elem               07/26/05

Price, Amanda                    Teacher                                    Title I                           08/01/05

Pribble, Ghada                     Teacher                                    Fine Arts                      08/01/05

Ramsey, Susan                    Teacher                                    Montclair                      07/26/05

Randolph, Yavonne             Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Redmon, Richard                 Teacher                                    Dixon Ed Ctr                 08/05/05

Register, Ericka                   Teacher                                    Bratt                             07/26/05

Reid, Dennis                       Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid/Workman 07/26/05

Reid, Shane                         Teacher                                    Nothview                      07/26/05

Reinhardt, Linda                  Teacher                                    Workman                      07/26/05

Remus, Jack                       Teacher                                    Pensacola                     07/26/05

Richards, Adelina                Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Rietveld, Laura                    Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/26/05

Rigby, Helen                       Teacher                                    Dixon Ed Ctr                 08/01/05

Riley, Katherine                  Teacher                                    Lipscomb                      07/28/05

Rinke, Kirsten                     Teacher                                    Hallmark                       08/02/05

Rivet, Steve                                    Dean                            Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Robinson, Tracey                Teacher                                    Ensley                          07/26/05

Roose, Deanna                    Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Sanstead, Amanda               Teacher                                    Montclair                      07/26/05

Scallan, Allison                    Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             07/26/05

Schirg, Christine                  Teacher                                    Lipscomb                      07/28/05 (PT)

Schrock, Janie                     Teacher                                    Bellview Elem               07/26/05

Selland, Julie                       Teacher                                    Bailey                           07/26/05

Shepherd, LaTonya             Teacher                                    Longleaf                       07/26/05

Simmons, Lisa                     Teacher                                    Blue Angels                  07/27/05

Simmons, Stephanie Law Enf Ins                  George Stone                07/25/05

Slighter, Katherine               Teacher                                    Fine Arts                      08/01/05

Smith, Crisilla                      Teacher                                    Montclair                      07/26/05

Smith, Jane                         Teacher                                    Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Smith, Mary                        Counselor                     Northview                     08/01/05 (PT)

Stallworth, Sherri                 Year Long Intern          OASIS                         08/02/05

Stanley, Denisha                  Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             07/27/05

Stroble, Stacey                    Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Taliaferro, Kimberly            Teacher                                    Blue Angels                  07/26/05

Taylor, Mike                       Teacher                                    Holm                            07/26/05

Threatt, Debra                    Teacher                                    Bailey                           07/26/05

Tschirgi, Alan                      Teacher                                    Pensacola                     07/26/05

Venis, Amanda                   Teacher                                    Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Vockell, Stephanie               Teacher                                    Alternative Ed               07/26/05

Warble, Susanne                 Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Weeks, Joe                         Teacher                                    George Stone                07/26/05

Wheatley, William               Teacher                                    Northview                     07/26/05

Williams, Dennis                  Law Enf Ins                  George Stone                07/11/05 (PT)

Williamson, Angela              Teacher                                    Molino Park                  07/26/05

Willis, Aubrey                     Teacher                                    Pine Forest                   07/26/05

Willis, Sarah                        Teacher                                    Weis                             07/26/05

Wilson, Cynthia                   Teacher                                    Ernest Ward                 07/26/05

Wright, Sylvia                      Teacher                                    Woodham                     07/26/05

Yaggy, Erin                         Teacher                                    Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Young, Molly                      Teacher                                    Ransom                        07/26/05

Young, Robin                      Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/26/05

Yost, Jan                            Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/26/05

Zimmerman, David              Teacher                        Hallmark                       07/26/05

b.       Reappointments

                              1.   Annual

NAME                                                 LOCATION                             DATE

Andrews, Linda                         Northview/Bratt                        07/26/05

Beasley, Beverly                       Bellview Elem                           07/29/05

Bell, Margaret                           Ferry Pass Elem                        07/26/05 (PT)

Bibb, Barbara                            Pensacola                                 07/26/05

Chambers, Rachel                     Carver/Century                         07/26/05

Coe, Frances                             Scenic Heights                          07/26/05

Coppedge, Summer                   Wedgewood                              07/26/05

Cox, Angela                              George Stone                            07/26/05

Davis, Na’Keia                         Bailey                                       07/26/05

Davis, Sheryl                             Navy Point                                07/26/05

Dorsett, Samantha                     Westgate Ctr                            07/26/05

Doyle, Kari                               Pine Meadow                            07/26/05

Elebash, Brenda                        Holm                                        07/28/05

Hardy, Brenda                          Bellview Elem                           07/26/05

Hatmaker, Deborah                   Hallmark                                   07/28/05

Headley, Carol                          Weis                                         07/26/05

Hill, Susan                                 Bailey                                       07/26/05

Johnson, Heather                       Navy Point                                07/26/05

Jones, Rachel                            McArthur                                 07/26/05

Jones, Sharon                            Warrington Elem                       07/26/05

Kimball, Katherine                     Holm                                        07/26/05

Loewen, Marlene                      Scenic Heights                          08/01/05

Marold, Melanie                        Pleasant Grove                          07/26/05

Mayew, Christine                      Washington                               07/26/05

McFarlane, Diana                      Lincoln Park                             07/26/05

Mock, Billie                               Yniestra                                    07/26/05 (PT)

Moore-Thompson, Denise          Edgewater                                07/26/05

Nanney, Kimberly                     ESE/Hall Ctr                             08/01/05

Rankin, Dorothy                        Lincoln Park                             07/26/05

Richardson, Elizabeth                 Navy Point                                07/26/05

Street, Danny                            Fine Arts                                  07/26/05

                                    Williams, Eddie                          Washington                               07/26/05

2.   Professional

NAME                                     LOCATION

Beverly, Julia                            Fine Arts

Dean, Denise                            Northview

Hammons, Darlene                    ESEAL

Sluka, Annmarie                        Navy Point       

3.   4th Year Annual


                        c.   Transfers

NAME                                           FROM                          TO                               DATE

Abney, Clyde                                  Ferry Pass Mid             Bellview Mid                 07/26/05

Adams, Jackie                                 Montclair                      Beulah                          07/26/05

Andrews, Linda                               Northview/Bratt            ESE/Hall Ctr                 07/29/05

Bedford, Laurie                               Ransom                        Tate                             07/26/05

Bradley, Jina                                   Warrington Elem           Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Bridges, Susan                                McMillan                      Pensacola                     07/26/05

Bryan, Jessica                                 Ferry Pass Elem            Edgewater                    07/26/05

Callins, Angelo                                Dixon Ed Ctr                 Wedgewood                  07/12/05

Cherry, Terrylene                            Pine Forest                   Tate                             07/26/05

Cope, Valerie                                  Warirngton Mid             Pensacola                     07/26/05

Cuyuch, Leslie                                West FL High               Workman                      07/26/05

Davenport, Virginia                         Weis                             Hallmark                       07/26/05

Etters, Raymond                              Wedgewood                  Dixon Ed Ctr                 07/12/05

Evans, Naretha                               Clubbs                          Pensacola Boys Base    07/06/05

Fisher, Martha                                 Pensacola Beach           Hallmark                       07/26/05

Franklin, Bakari                               Hallmark                       Brownsville                   07/26/05

Gardner, Inette                                Myrtle Grove                Sherwood                     07/26/05

Gillies, Cliff                         Escambia                      Washington                   07/26/05

Gindl, Athena                                  Pine Forest                   Tate                             07/26/05

Harden, Maureen                            Bellview Mid                 Bailey                           07/26/05

Humphreys, Mark                           Pine Forest                   Pensacola                     07/26/05

Jackson, Joshua                               Warrington Mid             Ransom                        07/26/05

Jerralds, John                                  Warrington Mid             George Stone                07/28/05

Jimenez, Miranda                            Oakcrest                       Hallmark                       07/26/05

Johns, Ilaina                                    Washington                   Tate                             07/29/05

King, Sherry                                    Bellview Mid                 Lakeview                      07/26/05

LaBounty, Judy                               Oakcrest                       Hallmark                       07/26/05

Lashley, Andy                                 Woodham                     Pensacola                     07/26/05

Laton, Faye                                     Bailey                           Escambia                      07/26/05

Lingo, Michelle                                Brentwood Elem           Hallmark                       07/26/05

Lundquist, Ingrid                              McArthur                     Bellview Elem               07/26/05

McRunells, O’Neal                          Dixon Ed Ctr                 Woodham                     07/29/05

O’Quinn, William                             Dixon Ed Ctr                 Woodham                     07/26/05

Pelfrey, Melissa                              Carver/Century             Ernest Ward                 07/26/05

Perkins, Wanda                               Brentwood Mid             West FL High               07/26/05

Polk, Jennifer                                  Hospital/Homebound     Washington                   07/26/05

Reddish, Rebecca                            Ransom                        Tate                             07/26/05

Reese-Whiting, Julia                        Hallmark                       Oakcrest                       07/26/05

Reinhard, Yasmine                          Workman                      Pensacola                     07/26/05

Rich, Gerald                                    Warrington Mid             Escambia High Comm   07/26/05

Richards, Elizabeth                          Warrington Elem           Ransom                        07/26/05

Rivera, Ron                                     Dixon Ed Ctr                 ReConnections              07/26/05

Rollins, Thomas                               Woodham                     West FL High               07/26/05

Rose, Angela                                  Myrtle Grove                Blue Angels                  07/26/05

Sexton, Cee-Ex                               Montclair                      Hallmark                       07/26/05

Sharpless, Connie                            Ernest Ward                 DAART                       07/26/05

Shields, Susan                                 Westgate Ctr                Bailey                           07/26/05

Silivos, Paula                                   Lincoln Park                 McArthur                     07/26/05

Smith, Martha                                 Yniestra                        McMillan                      07/26/05

Street, Erin                                      Brentwood Mid             Ransom                        07/26/05

Thomas, Charles                             Bailey                           Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Ward, Martha                                 Bellview Elem               Myrtle Grove                07/26/05

Weedo, Lori                                    Dixon                           Ins Tech                       07/25/05

Wilkes, Brenda                                Myrtle Grove                Cook                            07/26/05

Wilson, Carrie                                 Bellview Elem               Warrington Elem           07/26/05

Wongittilin, Charro                           Spencer Bibbs               Lincoln Park                 07/26/05

                        d.   Out-of-Field

      Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Mrs. Hightower, to approve Section (d), Out-of-Field.  Discussion took place regarding the number of teachers currently teaching out-of-field in reading.  Motion approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

1.       Appointments

                                    Belarmino, Brian           Teacher                        Escambia                      07/26/05

Bonner, Geraldine          Teacher                        Lincoln Park                 07/29/05

Bradley, Cheryl             Teacher                        Brentwood Elem           07/27/05

Brooks, Terry                Teacher                        Escambia                      07/26/05

Cole, Stephanie             Teacher                        Hallmark                       07/28/05

Conley, Steven              Teacher                        Hallmark                       07/28/05

Cooper, Rosie               Teacher                        Woodham                     07/26/05

Curry, Dwayne             Teacher                        Pensacola                     07/27/05

Denmark, Aronica         Teacher                        Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Edens, Laleta                Counselor         Northview                     07/12/05

Gaffney-Hsu, Heather   Teacher                        Washington                   07/26/05

Garrett, Gregory            Teacher                        Pensacola                     07/26/05

Hallford, Linda              Teacher                        McMillan                      08/01/05

Harrison, Joyce             Teacher                        Brownsville                   08/01/05

Heaton, Betty                Teacher                        Northview                     07/26/05

Hendricks, Aspen          Teacher                        Wedgewood                  07/26/05

Jones, Irish                    Teacher                        Spencer Bibbs               07/26/05

Longmire-Lyons, Lena   Teacher                        Pensacola                     07/26/05

McDonald, Jason           Teacher                        Pine Forest                   08/01/05

McGraw, Diana                        Teacher                        Escambia                      07/29/05
Pant, Natalie                 Teacher                        Woodham                     07/26/05

Pant, Sharon                 Teacher                        Warrington Mid             07/29/05

Perkins, Lori                 Teacher                        McArthur                     07/29/05

Porter, Brian                 Teacher                        Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

Ramirez, Jamie              Teacher                        West FL High               07/26/05

Rejda, Jonas                  Teacher                        Pensacola                     07/26/05

Shugart, Marilyn            Teacher                        Bailey                           07/26/05

Washington, Jennifer     Teacher                        Warrington Mid             08/02/05

Washington, Katrina      Teacher                        Woodham                     07/26/05

Williams, Daymion         Teacher                        West FL High               07/26/05

Williams, Lisa                Teacher                        Bailey                           07/26/05

Williams, Roderick         Teacher                        Pensacola                     07/26/05           

2.       Reappointments

Bell, Glenda                  Teacher            Brentwood Mid             07/26/05

3.       Transfers

                                    FROM                          TO                               DATE

                                    Dumas, Glenn               Ferry Pass Mid             Ernest Ward                 07/26/05

                                    Malocha, Kellie             Cook                            Brentwood Elem           07/26/05

4.       Other

Ladner, Gordon             West FL High

Mitchell, Lolita              Brentwood Mid

Whitaker, Jonathan        Pensacola

                        e.   Resignations/Retirements

                              NAME                               POSITION                   WORK LOCATION    DATE 

Aydelott, William                 Teacher                                    Workman                      08/01/05

Ball, Catherine                    Teacher                                    Washington                   05/31/05

Beter, Amanda                    Teacher                                    Weis                             05/31/05

Boddy, John                        Teacher                                    Woodham                     05/31/05

Burton, Natasha                  Teacher                                    Myrtle Grove                05/31/05

Corbin, Lianne                     Teacher                                    Brentwood Elem           05/31/05

Cornacchione, Frank            Teacher                                    West FL High               08/01/05

Dameworth, Catherine         Teacher                                    Edgewater                    05/31/05

Davis, Jason                        Teacher                                    Myrtle Grove                05/31/05

Day, Randall                       Teacher                                    Northview                     05/31/05

East, Chelsea                      Teacher                                    Semmes                        05/31/05

Garvey, Dave                      Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 05/31/05

Godwin, Amber                   Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             06/30/05

Goldberg, Patricia                Teacher                                    Escambia                      07/31/05 (Ret)

Greer, Kristy                       Teacher                                    Brownsville                   05/31/05

Hart, Mandi                                    Teacher                                    Hellen Caro                  07/08/05

Heffron, Mackie                  Teacher                                    Montclair                      08/01/05

Heiser, Jolene                     Teacher                                    Bailey                           05/31/05

Hemingway, Melissa           Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/05

Holloway, Judy                    Teacher                                    Longleaf                       07/14/05 (Ret)

House, Theresa                   Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/26/05

Howard, Tanika                  Teacher                                    Woodham                     05/31/05

Jackson, Frank                    Teacher                                    Pensacola                     05/31/05

Jackson, Katie                     Teacher                                    Myrtle Grove                07/29/05

Jenks, Christy                      Teacher on LOA           Bratt                             05/31/05

Jones, Loleta                       Teacher                                    Longleaf                       05/31/05

Kersey, Melvin                    Teacher                                    Carver/Century             05/31/05

Michael, Suzanne                Teacher                                    Washington                   05/31/05

Moak, Kim                          Teacher                                    Cook                            05/31/05

Nicolet, John                       Teacher                                    Escambia                      08/09/05 (Ret)

Nobles, Christy                    Teacher                                    Ferry Pass Elem            05/31/05

O’Quinn, Kevin                   Teacher                                    West FL High               05/31/05

Pfister, Betty                       Teacher                                    Brownsville                   05/31/05

Phenix, Cynthia                   Teacher                                    Warrington Mid             05/31/05

Porter, Brian                       Teacher                                    Brentwood Mid             08/02/05

Posey, Brenda                     Teacher                                    Bailey                           05/31/05

Rich, Renita                        Teacher                                    Spencer Bibbs               05/31/05

Richards, Leslie                   Teacher                                    Scenic Heights              05/31/05

Robitzsch, Richard               Teacher                                    George Stone                06/30/05

Ross, Devita                       Teacher                                    Bailey                           05/31/05

Rowe, Shannon                   Teacher                                    West Pensacola                        05/31/05

Runninghawk, Kenneth        Teacher                                    Bailey                           05/31/05

Salakas, Deirdra                  Teacher                                    Cordova Park                07/22/05

Serviss Casie                      Teacher                                    Oakcrest                       05/31/05

Springer, Angela                  Teacher                                    West FL High               05/31/05

Touchstone, Melanie            Asst Principal                Escambia                      07/3/105 (Ret)

Waldrop, Sheila                   Teacher                                    Lincoln Park                 05/31/05

Warble, Susanne                 Teacher                                    Bellview Mid                 08/02/05

Yates, Latandrial                 Teacher                                    Hallmark                       07/08/05

                        f.    Special Requests

1.   Approve leave of absence without pay for the following personnel:

                                      Bryant, Cheri               Teacher/Bellview Mid               07/26/05-05/24/06

                                    *Lehman, Jennifer         Teacher/Bratt                           07/26/05-05/24/06

                                    *Michaels, Frances        Counselor/Warrington Mid         07/26/05-05/24/06

                                      Morton, Karen             Teacher/Lipscomb                     07/26/05-05/24/06

                                      Nowlin, Jean                Teacher/Ensley                         07/26/05-05/24/06

                                    *Pugh, Jeffrey               Teacher/Warrington Mid            07/26/05-05/24/06

                                    *Scapin, Jennifer           Teacher/ESE                            07/01/05-09/26/05

                                    *Walker, Gloria             Teacher/Lincoln Park                07/26/05-10/25/05

                                      Webb, Kimberly           Teacher/ESEAL                       07/26/05-05/24/06


2.     Rescind FMLA for Timothy Davis, teacher at ESEAL, from July 25, 2005 through September 26, 2005 to read Leave of Absence without pay.

3.     Approve personnel returning from Leave of Absence:

        Clarke, Kathryn           Pensacola High             07/26/05 (part-time)

        Dillard, Carolyn            Lincoln Park                 07/26/05

4.     Rescind following appointments who declined teaching positions for 2005-06 school year:

                                      Wright, Latonja            Warrington Elem

                                      Yarbrough, Holly         Sherwood

5.        Correct work locations for the following personnel:

FROM                         TO

                                    Hetue, Greg      Ferry Pass Middle         George Stone Center

                                    Sharp, Ashley    Hellen Caro                  Lipscomb

6.       Correct beginning dates for the following personnel:

FROM                          TO

                                    Belko, Mina                  July 26, 2005                 August 10, 2005

                                    Bourgeois, Michelle       July 12, 2005                 July 29, 2005

7.          Rescind transfer for Judy Toy, teacher, from Suter to Workman effective July 26, 2005.  She will remain at Suter for the 2005-06 school year.

8.          Approve James Morgan, teacher, George Stone to do testing at the Jail/Road Prison from June 7 through June 28, 2005 and to be paid at his regular hourly rate of pay.

9.          Approve for the following personnel to work at Tate and to be paid at their regular hourly rate of pay from vending funds:

Hazewinkle, Nathan      1 day  (July 25, 2005)

Stallworth, Carolyn        5 days (July 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 2005)

Motion was made by Mrs. Hightower, seconded by Mrs. Stidham, to approve Item V.C.1.f.9.  Upon inquiry by Mrs. Hightower, Dr. Alan Scott, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resource Services, explained that these individuals were being paid for setting up the computer lab at Tate High School in order to implement the Read 180 program.  Motion carried 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 

DELETED         10.                 Approve hiring one (1) temporary Fire Suppression Systems Technician II in the Maintenance Department to alleviate significant life safety requirements for the 2005-06 school year.

11.     Approve Sherry Ponds, teacher, to work as an Adult Ed teacher at Century Even Start on June 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 20, 2005 and to be paid at her regular hourly rate of pay.

12.     Rescind reappointment for Renee Fontenot, teacher, Hellen Caro for the 2005-06 school year.

13.   For Board Information: Report the death of Jeffrey Edgar, teacher at Wedgewood, on July 24, 2005. 

2.       Educational Support Personnel

a.       Appointments

NAME                               JOB TITLE                  LOCATION                 EFF DATE

      Abed, Lynne                       Tchr Asst Spec             A. V. Clubbs Alt Ed      08/02/2005

      Aglutay, Rodrigo                 Tchr Asst Spec             Escambia Westgate       08/02/2005

      Brewer, Eric                       Maint Wrkr I                 Transportation               07/01/2005

      Champion, Lee M                Equip Oper III               Central Warehouse        07/22/2005

      Chavez, Vickie L                 Tchr Asst Spec             Ferry Pass Elem            08/02/2005

      Cooper, Gary K.                  Strkpr/Whse Tech II      Central Warehouse        08/01/2005

      Davis, Rebekah S                Tchr Asst Spec             Holm Elem                    08/02/2005

      Decosta, Linda                    Cust Wrkr I                  W Florida High              07/07/2005

      Dixon, Jerry                        Cust Wrkr I                  George Stone                07/07/2005

      Edler, Bonnie                      Cust. Wrkr I                 Pine Meadow Elem       07/25/2005

      Edwards, Tambrey (Prom)   Admin Sec III               General Acctg               07/29/2005

      Fehl, Susann M                   Tchr Asst Spec             Escambia Westgate       08/02/2005

      Floyd, Christopher (Prom)    Sch Bus Oper               Transportation               08/02/2005

      Flynn, Teresa (Prom)           Sch Bus Oper               Transportation               08/02/2005

      Foster, Belinda                    Cust. Wrkr I                 Washington High           07/27/2005        Galloway, Addie Lee                                 Tchr Asst Spec             Escambia Westgate       08/02/2005

      Hall, Michael (Prom)           Carpernter II                 Maintenance                 07/20/2005

      Hatcher, Karen (Prom)        Admin Clrk II                Warrington Mid             08/16/2005

      Hayes, Linda (Prom)           Cust. Wrkr II                Edgewater Elem            07/25/2005

      Hixon, Joyce K                   Erly Child Asst              Oakcrest Elem              08/02/2005

      Hudgins, Carl                      Cust. Wrkr I                 Ferry Pass Mid             07/26/2005

      Johnson, Beverly (Prom)      Sch Data Spec I            Weis Elem                    07/25/2005

      Laughman, Abbi                  Cert Ed Interp III          Woodham High             08/02/2005

      Lyons, Cynthia                    Tchr Asst Spec             Brownsville Mid            08/02/2005

      Marshall, Faith (Prom)         Sch Data Spec I            Ferry Pass Elem            07/29/2005

      McArthur, Marie E              Tchr Asst Spec             Holm Elem                    08/02/2005

      Morales, Marta                   Tchr Asst Spec             Pensacola High             08/02/2005

      Murphy, Teresa S.               Tchr Asst Spec             Beulah Elem                 08/02/2005

      Nix, Bonnie L                      Tchr Asst Spec             Jim Bailey Middle          08/15/2005

      Prince, Steven                     Tchr Asst Spec             Escambia Westgate       08/02/2005

      Przybylowicz, Susan            Tchr Asst Spec             Holm Elem                    08/02/2005

      Ransom, Pecola                  Tchr Asst Spec             Washington High           08/02/2005

      Redmond, Arventes             Cust. Wrkr I                 Tate High                     07/25/2005

      Saint-Pierre, Roges (Prom)  Heavy Equip Mech        Transp Garage              08/02/2005

      Satterwhite, E’Lisa A          Audiometric Tech          Evaluations Services      08/08/2005

      Smith, Chancy (Prom)         Admin Sch Sec III         Pine Forest High           08/01/2005

      Stonewall, Isabell                 Cust. Wrkr I                 Escambia Westgate       07/25/2005

      Threatt, Eric                        Maint Wrkr I                 Woodham High             07/29/2005

      Wetzel, Iris                         Admin Clrk II                Bratt Elem                    08/02/2005

Wilkins, Diane                     Cust Wrkr I                  Pine Forest High           07/25/2005

b.       Temporary Promotions

                              NAME                               FROM                          TO                               DATES

      Anderson, Emma                 Admin Clrk II                Sch Data Spec I            07/05/2005*

                                                O. J. Semmes Elem       O. J. Semmes Elem       08/02/2005

                              Antonelli, Patricia                Admin Clrk II                Admin Sch Sec I           07/07/2005

                                                Washington High           Washington High           **

      Blandon, Darlene                 Cust. Wrkr I                 Cust Wrkr II                 06/20/2005*

                                                Escambia High              Escambia High              07/01/2005

      Marshall, Faith                    Admin Clrk II                Sch Data Spec I                        07/18/2005

                                                Ferry Pass Elem            Ferry Pass Elem            **

      Smith, Andrea                     Admin Clrk II                Admin Sch Sec I           06/21/2005**

                                                Washington High           Washington High           07/07/2005***

      Wylie, Linda C.                   Cust Wrkr I                  Cust Wrkr II                 06/27/2005***

                                                Lincoln Park Elem         Lincoln Park Elem         **

                              *Replacing an employee who was on leave until he/she returns. 

                            **Temporary vacancy until position is advertised and filled permanently.

                          ***Documents received in ESP office post July Board agenda deadline.

                        c.   Resignations/Retirements

NAME                                  JOB TITLE               LOCATION                 EFF DATE

      Bailey, Laverne (Ret)             Admin Sch Sec III      Holm Elem                    06/14/2005*

      Bender, Julie A.                     Admin Clrk II             Warrington Middle         07/29/2005

      Bonner, Annie                        Cust Wrkr II              Navy Point Elem           06/30/2005*

      Bonner, Geraldine                   Tchr Asst                  Warrington Elem           07/29/2005

      Boyd, Lora                             Admin Clk II              Escambia High              08/01/2005

      Boykin, Jennifer                     Sch Bus Oper            Transportation               08/01/2005

      Cobb, LaQuette                      Tchr Asst Spec          Brownsville Mid            07/25/2005

      Edwards, Larry (Ret)             Fd Serv Asst I            Pine Forest High           07/31/2005

      Ewing, Bonnie                        Tchr Asst Spec          Escambia Westgate       07/19/2005

      Garner, Treatha                      Food Service Asst I    Brentwood Mid             07/18/2005

      Hanks, Kim                            Tchr Asst Spec          Transportation               07/29/2005

      Jacobs-Brown, Octovia           Tchr Asst Spec          Jim Bailey Middle          08/10/2005

      James, Minnie L (Ret)            Cust. Wrkr I              Pensacola High             07/27/2005

      Kitts, Jacqueline (Ret)            Tchr Asst                  Pensacola Boys Base    06/30/2005*

      Lister, Gary (Ret)                   Equip Oper III            Escambia High              05/31/2005*

      Locke Jr., Eddie (Ret)            Equip Oper III            Central Warehouse        07/29/2005              Madison, Annie (Ret)             Cust Wrkr I               Montclair Elem              07/15/2005

      Mayshack, Delorise                Tchr Asst Spec          Lincoln Park Elem         08/01/2005

      McMillian, Tawana                 Tchr Asst Spec          Brownsville Mid            08/02/2005

      Moorer, Erica                         Fd Serv Asst I            C. A. Weis Elem           08/02/2005

      Quiggins, Sharon                    Sch Bus Oper            Transportation               07/29/2005

      Reinhardt, Linda P                  Tchr Asst Spec          Washington High           07/25/2005

      Rowley, Sharon (Ret)             Acctg Spec III           Facilities Planning          07/31/2005

      Siegel, Tammy                       Sch Bus Oper            Transportation               08/01/2005

      Strickler, Kimberly T              Tchr Asst Spec          Longleaf Elem               07/25/2005

      Taylor, Neta  (Ret)                 Admin Sch Sec I        Washington High           06/30/2005*

      Venable, Catherine E              Sch Bus Oper            Transportation               07/25/2005

      Vigo, Julie                              Tchr Asst Spec          Warrington Mid             07/26/2005

      Wimmler, Mark A                  Tchr Asst Spec          Escambia Westgate       07/25/2005

      *Documentation received ESP post July Board agenda deadline

d.   Terminations

NAME                                  JOB TITLE               LOCATION                 EFF DATE

      Gardner, John                         Cust Wrkr I               Woodham High             07/08/2005

                        e.   Suspensions

-  Employee #2121-9502-3 be suspended without pay for one (1) working day effective Wednesday, August 17, 2005, based on misconduct. 

                        f.    Dismissals  

      -No items submitted

                        g.   Leave of Absence                          

NAME                               TITLE                    LOCATION                 DATES

      Brown, Wendy K                Erly Child Asst        Oakcrest Elem              08/02/05-01/05/06

      Emmons, Terry J                 Fd Serv Asst I         Northview High             08/12/05-09/06/05*

      Evans, Virginia R                Tchr Asst Spec       Workman Mid               08/02/05-06/05/06

      Furney, Bobbie (Ext)           Erly Child Asst        C. A. Weis Elem           08/02/05-02/28/06

      Johnson, Karen A (Ext)       Fd Serv Asst II       Spencer Bibbs Elem      08/01/05-12/30/05

      Kizer, Jennifer                     Sch Bus Oper         Transportation               08/02/05-05/19/06

      Schmitz, Carolyn                 Tchr Asst Spec       Escambia Westgate       08/02/05-12/31/05
Smith, Evette C                   Tchr Asst               West Pensacola Elem    08/04/05-08/04/06

      Stewart, April R                  Ed Interpreter         McArthur Elem             08/02/05-05/19/06*

      Whitehurst, Tonya               Sch Bus Oper         Transportation               08/05/05-08/02/06


                        h.   Special Requests

-                                         Request approval of a temporary Fire Suppression Systems Technician II position in the Maintenance Department for the duration of the 2005-2006 fiscal year.   

3.       Risk Management

a.   Lump Sum Settlement – Worker’s Comp Settlement

b.   SRO Contract with Escambia County Sheriff’s Department

AMENDED          c.   SRO Contract with Pensacola Police Department 

                  4.   Employee Services

                        -No items submitted

5.   Affirmative Action

-No items submitted


      (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “E”)

1.       Bid Award: Ground Beef and Frozen Dough, Bid #060203

2.       Bid Award: Office Paper, Bid #053602

3.       Sophos Computer Virus Protection Software Agreement

4.       SuccessMaker Software for Various Schools

5.       Apple Computers for Brownsville Middle School

6.       Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #266980

7.       Furniture for Longleaf Elementary School

8.       Bid Award: Jim Bailey Middle School Re-Roofing (Hurricane Ivan Repairs)

9.       Change Notice #3 to Purchase Order #270637

10.      Change Notice #1 to Purchase Order #271548

11.      Design-Build Services: Metropolitan Area Network, Phase III

12.      Contract Amendment #2: Construction Management At-Risk Services for            Reconstruction/Renovations at Longleaf Elementary School

13.      Hurricane Dennis Emergency Purchases

ADD        14.   Bid Award: District Calendar and Parent Guide, Bid #060102

E.      Operations

            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “F”)

1.   Facilities Planning

A.     Final Payments

      1.   Pre-Qualification of Contractors

2.       Contractual Agreements/Jessica Lunsford Act

3.       Hazard Mitigation Grant for Tate High School Gymnasium (Bldg. #38)

4.       Storm Water Drainage Easement – Muscogee Road

2.       Transportation

A.     Miscellaneous

1.       Transfer of Surplus Bus to Pensacola Boys’ Base

2.   Transfer of Surplus Buses to Byrneville and Jacquelyn Harris Charter School

3.   Maintenance 

                        -No items submitted 

4.   School Food Services 

                        - No items submitted

                        5.   Central Warehouse

                              -No items submitted

                        6.   Information Technology   

                        -No items submitted

                  7.   Security, Safety & Emergency Operations

                        -No items submitted

                  8.   Energy Management

                        -No items submitted

            F.   Student Transfers  

                        (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “G”)

G.     Internal Auditing

            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “H”)

1.   internal Funds Audits

                        -No items submitted

2.       Inventory Adjustment Reports

3.   Other

                        -No items submitted



-No items submitted

VII.               NEW BUSINESS


            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “I”)

-No items submitted

ADD          1.   School Calendar Survey (previously addressed at the August 12, 2005 Regular Workshop)

      Mrs. Stidham offered the following motion:

·         Request that the Superintendent provide the school calendar survey to all schools;

·         Request that individuals in charge of each schools’ open house distribute the school calendar survey to all parents during open house;

·         Request that a drop-box be made available to parents during each schools’ open house for the submission of completed surveys; and

·         Request that all completed surveys received by schools be forwarded to Mrs. Linda West, Coordinator of Board Affairs, for final tallying. 

      Mrs. Hightower seconded the motion, which was approved 3 to 1, with Mr. Bergosh voting “No” and Mr. Gindl absent for vote.  


            (Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “J”)

                  1.   Administrative Appointment(s)

                              This item was handled earlier in the meeting. 

                        2.         Recommend that the original request presented to the Board at its regular meeting on April 19, 2005

                        for expulsion of student number 05-157-862 for the remainder of the 2004-2005 school year and all of the 2005-2006 school year be withdrawn and that the expulsion be for the 2004-2005 school year only.

                              Motion was made by Mrs. Stidham, to accept the Superintendent’s recommendation that the original request presented to the Board at its regular meeting on April 19, 2005 for expulsion of student number 05-157-862 for the remainder of the 2004-2005 school year and all of the 2005-2006 school year be withdrawn and that the expulsion be for the 2004-2005 school year only.  Dr. Glover seconded the motion, which carried 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote. 


-No items submitted

VIII.               ADJOURNMENT

Motion by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Dr. Glover, to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 6:30 p.m., was approved 4 to 0, with Mr. Gindl absent for vote.   

                        Attest:                                                              Approved:

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Superintendent                                                        Chairman