The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Special Meeting at 9:00 a.m., in the Board Room, at the Dr. Vernon McDaniel (Administration) Building, 215 West Garden Street, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:


Chairman: Dr. John DeWitt                 

Vice Chairman: Mrs. Cary Stidham

Board Members:  Mr. Gary L. Bergosh

Ms. Linda Finkelstein

Dr. Elmer Jenkins

School Board Attorney:  Mr. Francisco M. Negron, Jr.

Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Jim Paul




Dr. DeWitt called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.




On motion by Mrs. Stidham, second by Dr. Jenkins, adoption of the agenda was unanimously approved.



(Supplementary Minute Book, Exhibit “A”)

AMENDED A. Out-of-Field


Motion was made by Mrs. Stidham, seconded by Ms. Finkelstein, to approve Out-of-Field instructional personnel.  Upon question from Dr. DeWitt, Ms. Teenie Wehmeier, Teacher Certification Manager, stated that to ensure that the district would not lose any funds, all principals were notified that there would be no additional hiring of out-of-field instructional personnel until completion of the survey week.  She noted that upon completion of the survey week, principals could resume hiring of out-of-field instructional personnel and that no funds would be lost.  Dr. Jenkins inquired as to the possibility of educating the public that out-of-field instructional personnel in fact have degrees and training in related areas.  Ms. Wehmeier stated that parents or guardians of all students being taught by out-of-field teachers are notified of such assignments by the principal by way of personal letter or school newsletter.  Dr. Jenkins suggested that the district consider working through the School Advisory Councils on educating the public about out-of-field instructional personnel.  Motion was unanimously approved. 



1. Safety Issues


Dr. DeWitt explained that this item was a part of the agenda for the purpose of discussing safety issues associated with the trunk routing bus stops on school campuses.  Mr. Negron stated that various questions and concerns had arisen regarding possible liability issues related to students waiting at trunk routing bus stops on school campuses in the early morning hours.  In his opinion, if the Board shared those concerns, they should request an assessment of the bus stops to determine any potential safety issues.  Board Members discussed issues regarding an assessment of the trunk routing bus stops and the possible use of light-duty workers to oversee the trunk routing bus stops.  Mr. Ted Kirchharr, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, stated that there were currently sixteen (16) trunk route stops and explained that he had requested a response from principals [at those sixteen (16) school sites] regarding their ideas concerning the use of light duty workers to oversee the trunk routing bus stops.  He noted that a majority of the principals did not feel there was a need to have light duty workers present on their campus.  Upon inquiry from Dr. DeWitt, Mr. Joe Bernard, Director of Risk Management, stated that while it would be possible to retrain light duty workers to oversee some of the trunk routing bus stops, it would not be possible to have a worker at all sixteen (16) sites.  He suggested that the Board develop criteria to be used to determine the placement of light duty workers at the trunk routing bus stops.  Board Members noted that trunk routing bus stops were originally placed at the school sites in an effort to help parents and expressed concern that the district may now face liability issues.  The Superintendent believed that if there were liability concerns at some of the trunk routing bus stops, then the Board might need to consider moving the bus stops elsewhere.  Ms. Ellen Lawrence, Director of Escambia NEA UniServ, stated that if the Board wished to use light duty workers to oversee the trunk routing bus stops, then those workers would need to be placed in authorized positions.  Mr. Bernard stated that the light duty workers would need to have an approved job classification with the associated paygrade and noted that he had been working with Dr. Doug Garber, Director of Human Resource Services, and Ms. Barbara Linker, Director of Budgeting, on that issue.  Ms. Lawrence noted that the job classification and the associated paygrade of those individuals would be negotiable and requested that she be involved in any discussion regarding that issue.  The Board collectively agreed to have the Superintendent and his staff develop recommendations regarding issues associated with the trunk routing bus stops on school campuses, to be presented to the Board at the October Regular meeting.




There being no further business, the Special Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.


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