The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Workshop Meeting at 9:00 a.m., in the Board Room, at the Dr. Vernon McDaniel (Administration) Building, 215 West Garden Street, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:


Chairman:  Dr. John DeWitt           

Vice Chairman:  Ms. Linda Finkelstein


Board Members:  Mr. Gary L. Bergosh

Mrs. Cary Stidham

Dr. Elmer Jenkins


School Board Attorney:  Mr. Francisco M. Negron, Jr.


Superintendent of Schools:  Mr. Jim Paul




Dr. DeWitt called the Regular Workshop to order at 9:00 a.m.


A.  Budget


At the request of the Superintendent, Mrs. Barbara Linker, Director of Budgeting, reviewed information provided to the Board regarding a “budget reduction plan.”




The Superintendent listed the additions, deletions and amendments to the agenda.



 Minutes for all November meetings will be presented for Board approval.



1.  Report from Mike Burns, Coordinator of Community and Legislative Affairs


Mr. Burns gave the following update:

Civil Service Bill Amendment – An amendment to the Civil Service Bill was approved during the last Legislative session to allow certain constitutional offices and the School District to withdraw from Civil Service.  He stated that some offices not specified in the amendment (i.e., County Commission, Sheriff) would now like to withdraw from Civil Service and believe that under the original version of the bill that they should be allowed to do so.  He explained that there is now uncertainty, as to which offices will be required to pay for the cost of benefits for the employees who still work for Civil Service, noting that there is some belief that the School District should be required to help with those costs.  He advised that this issue would come forth in the near future.


Superintendent’s Task Force on School Safety – Mr. Burns stated that representatives from the School District, local law enforcement agencies, Emergency Management Personnel, Legislative offices, and cellular phone companies were in attendance at the December 13, 2001 “task force” meeting. The “task force” addressed issues regarding school safety and disaster preparedness due to the recent rash of bomb threats that the District had received. 


Claims Bill (Senate Bill 54) – Mr. Burns stated that this particular bill lacks a sponsor from the House at this time.  He explained that if this bill is passed, it would be a cost of approximately $240,000 (general revenue funds) for the District.



A.  Curriculum and Instruction

3.  Agreement between Educational Based Services, Inc. and the School District of Escambia County, Florida (January 3, 2002 – May 28, 2002)

 Upon inquiry by Ms. Finkelstein, Mr. Negron stated that he was comfortable with the cancellation terms with regard to the agreement, explaining that if the company breaches the contract, then the School District has a right to cancel the agreement.  


5.   Transportation Reimbursement Request

 Dr. DeWitt questioned why the request for transportation reimbursement dated August 2001, was being presented for approval in December 2001.  Mr. Paul Fetsko, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, explained that it would depend on the time the request was received from the parent and the conclusion of the process for verifying the validity of the request.


6.  Contract between the ESCAROSA Regional Workforce Development Board, Inc. and the School Board of Escambia County, Florida for Youth Services Modification #1, #WIA-2002-04

 Dr. DeWitt noted an incorrect approval date of “November 20, 2001” and asked that the date be corrected to read “December 18, 2001,” as the contract would not be presented for approval until that date. 


B. Finance

7.  Budget Amendments

a)  Resolution 3: General Operating Fund


 Upon inquiry by Dr. DeWitt, Mrs. Barbara Linker, Director of Budgeting, stated that the explanation under account I.b. “Medicaid Direct Services,” should read “to post September 2001 reimbursement” rather than “to post September 2000 reimbursement” and stated that it would be corrected prior to the December Regular Meeting.


C.  Human Resource Services

1.  Instructional/Professiona

c.   Transfers


Meyers, Cheryl      SEMS         Transportation            01/02/02

Parker, Dan             Suter         Maintenance           12/03/01


Upon inquiry by Dr. DeWitt, Dr. Doug Garber, Director of Human Resource Services, stated that the two individuals listed under this item would continue under “professional contract” through June 30, 2002.


f.  Special Requests

1.  Request approval for leave of absence without pay for the following personnel:

*Butler, Jacquelyn         data control clerk/Maintenance            11/13-12/7-01

Jackson, Lisa           teacher/Semmes                    12/3-18/01

*Kostic, Laurie           teacher/Homebound            10/17-12/18/01

*Rudd, Christine          teacher/Lipsomb            12/5-18/01

Smith, Pamela                 teacher/Beulah                 1/3/02-5/28/02



Upon inquiry by Dr. DeWitt, Mrs. Mary Helen Fryman, Director of Instruction, Professional/Technical and Administrative Personnel, stated that she would find out why the request for leave of absence for “10/17-12/18/01” was being presented for approval in December.


D.   Purchasing

3.  Annual Agreement Renewal:  School Bus Driver Drug and Alcohol Testing

 Upon inquiry by Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Doug Garber, Director of Human Resource Services, stated that the drug and alcohol test samples are handled at local facilities.


E.   Operations

B.   Miscellaneous

3.   Portable #C400013700 at Pine Meadow Elementary

 Dr. DeWitt asked that Mr. Negron review this item to ensure that no legal contract was needed regarding the transfer of the referenced portables to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Department.


F.   Student Transfers

 No discussion was held.


G.   Internal Auditing

 No items were submitted.



 No items were submitted.



A. Proposed Additions of Revisions to School District Rules

b. Permission to Adopt

2. School Board Rule 6Gx17-7.16 – MOMENT OF SILENCE

Dr. DeWitt stated that he would offer a substitute motion at the Regular Meeting, with various changes to the language of the rule, in an effort to make it more restrictive.


B. Items from the Board

No items were submitted.


C. Items from the Superintendent

No discussion was held.


D. Items from the General Counsel

No items were submitted.


ADD E. Informational Presentations

Mr. Rich Ledson and Mr. Joe Gardino, representatives of Fringe Benefits Management Company (FBMC) gave a brief presentation regarding Health Benefits Electronic Enrollment, Flexible Spending Accounts and other employee benefits.

Ms. Linda Allen and Ms. Jan Destafney, audiologists, gave a brief presentation regarding the District’s audiology services.

Ms. Kathy Kattau, coordinator, Escambia County Assistive Technology Team, gave a brief presentation regarding assistive technology for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students.



There being no further business, the Regular Workshop adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Attest:                                         Approved:

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Superintendent                          Chairman