The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Special Meeting at 9:00 a.m., in Room 160, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center, 30 East Texar Drive, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:

            Chair:                           Ms. Linda Finkelstein    

            Vice Chair:                   Mrs. Cary Stidham       

            Board Members:           Mrs. Carissa Bergosh

                                                Mr. Ronnie L. Clark

                                                Dr. John DeWitt

            School Board Attorney:              Mr. Francisco M. Negron, Jr. (was not present)

            Superintendent of Schools:         Mr. Jim Paul

            (NOTE: Members of the Strategic Planning Committee were also in attendance.)

                    I.               CALL TO ORDER/ADOPTION OF AGENDA

Ms. Finkelstein called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.  There being no objection, the agenda as outlined was followed.   

                 II.               STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS

(NOTE: Mrs. Sheree’ Cagle, Director of Comprehensive Planning and Mr. Shawn Dennis, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, served as facilitators for the “Strategic Planning Process.”)

Mr. Dennis began with a brief review of the “strategic planning process” that had occurred at previous meetings.  He advised that the purpose of this meeting was to review and agree upon objectives developed by the Committee and to review data collected on the mission statement. 

                    Review of Objectives for Each Goal

Committee members reviewed a list of objectives that they had developed for each of the following goals that the Board had selected at the March 24, 2003 Special Meeting:

Goal 1: Lay a foundation for continuous learning through curriculum that exceeds state and national standards and meets the maximum potential of every student

Goal 2: Provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students, parents and community 

Goal 3: Highly competent and diverse staff

Goal 4: Utilize existing resources to their maximum potential

Goal 5: Provide avenues for community and parent participation 

Goal 6: Maximize opportunities for families to prepare children for kindergarten

Goal 7: Prepare students for the workforce

Goal 8: Increase public support and awareness for the value of the teaching profession

Throughout the review, Board Members evaluated the objectives based on specific criteria.  Because several of the objectives did not meet that criterion, the Board gave suggestions on how they could be improved.   

Discussion Regarding Feedback on Mission Statement

(NOTE: Mission Statement reads: “To provide an environment that creates opportunities for all students to achieve their highest potential while building a foundation for continuous learning.”)

Mrs. Cagle reviewed feedback that was received from various stakeholders in response to the following questions they were posed regarding the Mission Statement: 

1)      Is the mission statement easily understood?

2)      Does the mission statement provide clear direction?

3)      Does the mission statement clearly articulate how the District should relate to District staff, students, and the community?

               III.               ADJOURNMENT

Prior to adjournment, the Board collectively agreed to schedule a Special Meeting (Re: Strategic Planning) for December 17, 2003, at 9:00 a.m., in Room 160, at the J.E. Hall Educational Services Center.  There being no further business, the Special Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Attest:                                                             Approved:

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Superintendent                                                 Chairman