MINUTES, MAY 5, 2003


The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Special Meeting at 12:00 p.m., in the Board Room, at the Dr. Vernon McDaniel Building, 215 West Garden Street, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:


Chair: Ms. Linda Finkelstein (was not present)

Vice Chair: Mrs. Cary Stidham


Board Members: Mrs. Carissa Bergosh (was not present)

Mr. Ronnie L. Clark

Dr. John DeWitt (was not present)


School Board Attorney: Mr. Francisco M. Negron, Jr. (was not present)


Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Jim Paul (was not present)


(NOTE: According to the advertisement for this Special Meeting (and all Special Meetings involving an update from the School Boards Legislative Consultants), regardless of the presence of a quorum, Board Members who were present, could inquire of the Legislative Consultant during the conference call, provided that no action was taken at the meeting.) 



Mrs. Stidham called the Special Meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.



Ms. Terry Golden, Mixon and Associates, gave a brief review (via speakerphone) of the following approved legislation:


Senate Bill 54 (Committee Substitute) Relating to Local Government/Minimum Wage: Prohibits local governments from requiring employers to pay minimum wage other than federal minimum wage; provides exceptions.


Senate Bill 162 (Committee Substitute) Relating to American Sign Language: Provides legislative findings and purpose; allows foreign-language credits for instruction in American Sign Language; requires notice of limitations; provides duties of Commissioner of Education and State Board of Education; provides for task force and prescribes its duties; requires teachers of American Sign Language to be licensed by specified date; provides plan for post-secondary institutions.  


Senate Bill 258 Relating to Local Government/Expenses/Electronic Payment: Authorizes local governments to pay certain expenses by means of electronic funds transfer.


Senate Bill 354 (Committee Substitute) Relating to Bright Future Scholarship Program: Abolishes Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Testing Program


Senate Bill 614 Relating to Bus Transportation: Requires driving records of nonpublic sector bus drivers to be checked for suspended or revoked licenses; clarifies applicability of requirements that school buses purchased after specified date be equipped with safety belts or other restraints; provides that private school students may ride on public school buses and public school students may ride on private schools buses, subject to specified conditions


House Bill 915 Relating to K-20 Education Accountability: Expands legislative intent for K-20 education performance accountability system; provides requirements and implementation schedule for performance-based funding; provides mission, goals and measures; requires collection of certain data; requires State Board of Education to conduct assessment study; authorizes adoptions of equivalent scores for purpose of graduation


Senate Bill 958 (Committee Substitute for Committee Substitute) Relating to Florida Retirement System/Education: Revises participation options for participants in Community College Optional Retirement Program; revises certain limitations on positions for which district school board may employ member after specified period of retirement; increases period of time in which certain members of FRS who are employed as instructional personnel in K-12 may participate in DROP, etc.


Senate Bill 1426 (Committee Substitute) Relating to Municipalities/Per Diem and Travel: Authorizes municipalities and agencies thereof to adopt per diem and travel expense policies for travelers, notwithstanding certain provision; provides for applicability of certain provision, if per diem and travel expense policies are or are not adopted; provides that counties, count officers, district school boards and certain special districts may increase specified rates, etc. 


House Bill 1739 Relating to Access to Post-Secondary Education: Creates provision regarding access to post-secondary education and meaningful careers for students with disabilities; amends provision regarding high school graduation requirements; requires State Education Board to adopt rules providing for test accommodations and modifications of procedures for students with disabilities; amends provision regarding admissions of students to community colleges, etc.


Senate Bill 1838 (Committee Substitute) Relating to Instructional Materials/K-12: Changes date by which school superintendents must notify DOE regarding certain instructional materials; requires publishers to provide and price adopted instructional materials on individual basis for purchase by school districts; provides limitations on purchasing authority; revises provisions regarding issuance of purchase orders; provides for application of certain provisions, etc.


Senate Bill 1896 (Committee Substitute) Relating to School Speed Zones: Provides for use of described flashing beacons to designate school zone speed restrictions; revises requirements for Department of Transportation (DOT) to establish certain standards. 


Senate Bill 2156 (Committee Substitute) Relating to Florida High School Activities Association: Provides technical revisions; renames association as Florida High School Athletic Association; revises procedures for students; physical examinations; revises membership of board of directors; deletes obsolete provisions. 


Senate Bill 2248 (Committee Substitute) Relating to Charitable Youth Organizations/Service Work: Authorizes state and its political subdivisions to contract with charitable youth organizations for certain public service work; provides for contracts and award limit; provides limitations. 

Ms. Golden advised that “no (State) budget had been negotiated.”  She believed that “it could be the end of May or first of June before anything is known” with regard to the State budget.



There being no further business, the Special Meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.


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Superintendent                                              Chair