MINUTES, JUNE 13, 2003


The School Board of Escambia County, Florida, convened in Workshop Meeting at 9:00 a.m., in the Board Room, at the Dr. Vernon McDaniel (Administration) Building, 215 West Garden Street, Pensacola, Florida, with the following present:


Chair: Ms. Linda Finkelstein

Vice Chair: Mrs. Cary Stidham


Board Members: Mrs. Carissa Bergosh

Mr. Ronnie L. Clark

Dr. John DeWitt (entered the Regular Workshop at 9:15 a.m.)


School Board Attorney: Mr. Francisco M. Negron, Jr.


Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Jim Paul



Ms. Finkelstein called the Regular Workshop to order at 9:02 a.m.


A. Open Discussion

1. District Level Beverage Contracts – Linda Finkelstein

(NOTE: This issue relates to “Finding No. 19 – Exclusive Beverage Rights Contracts” from the Auditor General’s Operational Audit of the District, which was previously addressed at the April 21, 2003 Special Meeting.) Ms. Finkelstein provided information regarding a proposal for district-level beverage contracts, which she believed would correct the “finding” by the Auditor General” and at the same time, benefit the District.

Mrs. Carolyn Spooner, principal of Tate High School, addressed various concern with this issue on behalf of high school principals. She noted that the recommendation of the principals was that schools be allowed to “continue in the current manner” whereby, beverages contracts are entered into at the school-level.

Dr. Alan Scott, Director of Secondary Education, stated that a Request for Information (RFI) could be issued to determine the feasibility of district-level beverage contracts. He noted that information would be solicited from other districts, as well as school principals, as part of that evaluation process.

Dr. DeWitt entered the Regular Workshop at 9:15 a.m.


Budget Information Survey

(NOTE: This issue was previously addressed at the April 21, 20023 Special Meeting.) Mrs. Laura Shaud, Director of Budgeting, gave a brief update on the ‘budget information survey” that had been sent to various school districts with a request for information regarding their budget practices. She noted that the survey indicated that the budget practices used by the District were consistent with those used by a majority of the responding school districts. She stated that the District was aware that “there are weakness in the area of presentation and other documentation” and would continue to evaluate the survey information in hopes of obtaining ideas on how to improve those areas. She stated that an update regarding that evaluation would be given to the Board sometime in the Fall.


Books I and II of the 2003-2004 Budget

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, Mrs. Laura Shaud, Director of Budgeting, stated that would present the Board with Book I (Departmental Budgets) and Book II (Local Projects) of the 2003-2004 Proposed Budget, no later than June 23, 2003 Special Meeting.


Florida School Boards Association (FSBA)

Dr. DeWitt gave a brief update on the last meeting of the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA). He stated that discussions focused mainly on “Implementation of Class Size Reduction Amendment Requirements” as outlined in Senate Bill 30A. He noted discussions regarding the “No Child Left Behind Act” as well.  The Board and Superintendent congratulated Dr. DeWitt for recently being elected as vice-president of the FSBA.



The Superintendent listed the additions, deletions, amendments and corrections to the agenda.



1. Update on Superintendent’s Council for Teacher Recruitment and Retention

2. Report from District Equal Employment Opportunities Coordinator

Mrs. Mary Helen Fryman, Director of Instructional, Professional/Technical, provided information to the Board regarding “minority candidates” and “critical shortage area candidates” that had signed a pre-employment contract with the District, for the 2003-2004 school year.

3. Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol – Linda Longacre

Due to time constraints, it was decided that this report would be given at a later date.

ADD 4. Project Challenge Final Report – Sheree’ Cagle

(NOTE: The following presentation was based on a request from the July 15, 2002 Regular Workshop, that the “Project Challenge Schools” shall present ‘progress made’ to the Board, a minimum of three (3) times per year at the Regular Workshop.) Representatives of the District’s “Project Challenge” schools gave their final reports for the 2002-2003 school year, by addressing by the following questions:

1) What area(s) did your school experience the most success in and what do you contribute that success to?

2) What area(s) will your school need to continue to focus on?

3) How can the Board and the District assist your school?


ADD 5. Report on “Curriculum Mapping” – Linda Longacre

Mrs. Linda Longacre, Director of Staff Development, and representatives of several schools involved in the District’s “Curriculum Mapping Initiative” gave a brief report on the curriculum mapping process.  Ms. Finkelstein requested historical information from other school districts that had implemented this process. 

Mr. Bob Husbands, Executive Director of Escambia NEA UniServe, and Ms. Madonna Jackson-Williams, President of Escambia Education Association (EEA), stated that while they did believe that curriculum mapping was an “excellent process,” they were concerned with the amount of time required by teachers to implement that process.



Notice of Intent to Advertise Revisions to School District Rules, Chapter 1 (Item II.B.1 on June 16, 2003 Regular Meeting agenda)

At the request of Mrs. Bergosh, Mr. Negron stated that he would provide the Board with a copy of the prior organizational chart for “Section 1.05 Administrative Organization of the District.”


Notice of Intent to Advertise Revisions to School District Rule 6Gx17-7.02 – Code of Conduct; Secondary Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for 2003-2004 School Year (Item II.B.7 on June 16, 2003 Regular Meeting agenda)

Dr. Alan Scott, Director of Secondary Education, noted that there were various revisions to this rule, submitted by the Students Rights and Responsibilities Committee, that were not reflected in the backup documentation for this item.  He stated that he would consult with Mr. Negron “during the advertisement period” regarding those revisions.

(NOTE: Mr. Negron left the Regular Workshop at 11:35 a.m.)



A. Curriculum and Instruction

15. Title I - No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 - Parts A and D - 2003-2004 Application

NOTE: The following discussion refers to an issue discussed at the April 9, 2003 Special Meeting under Item V.1., “Pre-K and Title I Recommendations.”)  Upon inquiry by Dr. DeWitt, Mr. Wayne Odom, Director of Title I, stated that based on discussions from a recent Coalition, he did not believe that the Coalition would support the Superintendent’s recommendation regarding pre-k. Therefore, the District would not operate separate state and federally funded programs, resulting in the reduction of fourteen pre-k classes for the 2003-2004 school year. After discussion, Dr. DeWitt stated that he would develop a proposal for the June 16, 2003 Regular Meeting, regarding possible funding of those fourteen (14) pre-k classes.


B. Finance

No discussion was held.


C. Human Resource Services

1. Instructional/Professional

f. Special Requests

13. Request approval for the Child Find Specialist to be returned to the Escambia County School District from the Okaloosa County School District effective July 1, 2003 as per agreement reached with the ESE Department and funded by FDLRS, Westgate Associate Center. Also, request that this position be advertised and placed on the Personnel Planning Document.

(NOTE: The following discussion refers to an item approved at the February 18, 2003 Regular Meeting, to “place the vacant Administrative Clerk II and the Learning Resource Specialist (TSA) positions in the FDLRS Department from Okaloosa County. Also request that those positions be transferred from Okaloosa County to Escambia County effective February 19, 2003.”) Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, Ms. Allyn Harris, FDLRS, explained that there were three (3) individuals under contract to Okaloosa County in the past serving in capacity the FDLRS functions. She noted that two (2) of those positions, an Administrative Clerk II and a Learning Resource Specialist (TSA) were returned to the District and placed on the Personnel Planning Document in February however, the Child Find Specialist was not.


3. Risk Management

b. Asbestos Abatement – Century Elementary

c. Asbestos Abatement – Westgate School

d. Asbestos Abatement – West Pensacola Elementary

Mrs. Stidham noted that these types of projects typically appeared under the “Purchasing” section of the agenda.  She questioned whether the “correct process was followed where it runs through Purchasing and they determine if they can ‘piggyback’ on a contract?”  Dr. Doug Garber, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resource Services, stated that he would confirm with the Purchasing Department, that the correct procurement process was followed.  


D. Purchasing

4. Bid Award: Lawn Mowing Services, Bid #033402

Upon inquiry by Mrs. Stidham, the Superintendent stated that he would delete this item from the June 16, 2003 Regular Meeting agenda, as it had been determined that these services could be provided at a lower cost in-house.


23. Bid Extension: Portable Building Leases, Bid #42-95 & RFP #55-97

Upon inquiry by Dr. DeWitt, Mr. Ron Peacock, Director of Facilities Planning, explained that this item was a recommendation for extension of bids to lease nine (9) portable buildings at various sites.  He noted that three (3) buildings would be paid off in October 2003, leaving a balance of six (6) buildings on a continuing lease.


E. Operations

No discussion was held.


F. Student Transfers

Upon inquiry by Ms. Finkelstein, Mrs. Leslie Travis, Demographics Mapping Technician, stated that at that point, the only school facing a capacity “situation” was Ransom Middle School.  She stated that Ransom was already over capacity and there were still several transfer requests into Ransom, mostly from parents with “child care issues” for incoming sixth graders.  She also noted that a majority of those requests were from parents with students that were zoned for the Wedgewood Middle School district.  Upon inquiry by Dr. Dewitt, Mrs. Travis stated that Wedgewood was “almost” at capacity. Mrs. Travis stated that she would provide the Board with information regarding the number of students attending Ransom that were zoned for the Wedgewood district, the capacity at Wedgewood and the capacity at Ransom.  Mrs. Travis also noted a concern that Washington High School was “almost” at capacity and there were still many transfer requests into Washington, mostly from parents with incoming ninth graders wishing to take “Marketing” and “American Sign Language” courses.  She noted that a majority of those requests were from parents with students that were zoned for the Woodham High School district.


G. Internal Auditing

No discussion was held.



No items were submitted.



A. Items from the Board

1. Appointment to the Board of Directors for the Community Action Program Committee – Linda Finkelstein

Ms. Finkelstein noted that a formal motion would be made at the June 16, 2003 Regular Meeting, to appoint Mr. Clark, (who had volunteered to do so) to the Board of Directors for the Community Action Program Committee.


B. Items from the Superintendent

No discussion was held.


C. Items from the General Counsel

No discussion was held.



There being no further business, the Regular Workshop adjourned at 12:45 p.m.


Attest:                                                          Approved:


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