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Principal: Melia Adams

Assistant Principal: Janet Penrose


Administrative Deans
Ben Whetstone
Stephanie Hamrac

The safety and well-being of your child is a primary concern that is shared by all of us. Part of what makes a good school great is an environment that is conducive to learning. A classroom environment that promotes and expects mutual respect for each individual, as well as the established rules, is what each of us desires for our students. When this is achieved, learning becomes more enjoyable for students and achievement increases.

A dean is someone who:
*listens when you need someone to talk to
*is here to help you when you have a problem
*expects all students to read, understand, and follow the rules explained in the Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook
*understands when you are frightened, confused, or down
*is specially trained to work with you and your parents to help you learn about the importance of always making good choices
* assists the principal in maintaining a safe, orderly, and pleasant environment so all students can take advantage of the educational experience at Bellview Middle School

I am your dean at Bellview Middle School. I am here for you. If you need me, all you have to do is let me know.

Dean Whetstone

Dean Hamrac