The courses in the Music Department are designed to fill the needs of students at the high school level. They give either an introductory level experience or an in-depth one for those who wish more concentrated study with a career in music as a goal. The variety of courses allows for experience in singing or playing an instrument, composing and creating compositions, developing critical listening skills and knowledge of the history of western music, as well as the opportunity to use a variety of music-related technologies. Students may be involved in dance and movement throughout the auxiliary band units in each school.



Friday, November 7 - Tate vs. Escambia - Senior Night

Tuesday, November 11 - Veteran's Parade

Thursday, November 13 - Fall Jazz Concert - 6:30 - 9:00 pm

November 25-29 - ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade Trip

Friday, December 5th - Wind Ensemble Concert @ NAS

December 8 & 9 - All-County Auditions



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