Exceptional education classes meet the special needs of students. The Individual Educational Plan (IEP) determines the method by which these needs are met. The following are classifications and services of Exceptional Student Education:

    Dual Sensory Impaired (Deaf/Blind): A continuum of services is available based upon functioning level and need for specialized services.
    Educable Mentally Handicapped: Classes are available at all high schools.
    Emotionally Handicapped: Services are available either on a part-time or full-time basis.
    Gifted: Classes are available to eligible students. Eligibility criteria include a score two standard deviations above the mean on a standard test of intelligence and a majority of characteristics on a gifted checklist. Call schools for a list of courses offered at each site.
    Hearing Impaired: Audiological services are available to students at no cost. Students whose communication preference requires an interpreter are served at specific school sites as determined by the IEP committee.
    Hospital/Homebound: This program is for students who are unable to attend school for three weeks or more because of medical problems. The medical diagnosis must be verified by a physician.
    Occupational and Physical Therapy: These educationally relevant services are available to all eligible students. Options vary from consultation with the basic education teacher to direct services.
    Profoundly Handicapped (SED, PMH, Autistic): Programs are provided for eligible students at appropriate facilities.
    Speech and Language Impaired: Program is available in all high schools.
    Specific Learning Disability: SLD classes are provided at all high schools. This service may be consultative, part time, or full-time.
    Trainable Mentally Handicapped: Programs are provided for eligible students at specific school sites as determined by the IEP committee.
    Visually Impaired: Students are served by itinerant teachers for vision services. Academic needs may be addressed through regular education or varying exceptionality classes.
    Physically Impaired: Students are served at all high schools. Students requiring extensive physical care or direct OT/PT are served at specific school sites as determined by the IEP committee
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