Student & Parent Information


1. Florida Certificate of Immunization covering those communicable diseases for which immunization is required by the Department of Children and Families. (This certificate shall become part of the student’s permanent record to be transferred when the student transfers, is promoted, or changes schools.)
2. Certification of school-entry health examination performed within one year prior to enrollment (Certification of physicals performed by out-of-state physicians within the year of enrollment are acceptable.)
3. Proof of residency for school district (i.e. current utility bill, deposit receipt or lease/mortgage agreement.)
4. Proof of legal guardianship if student does not live with natural parents.
5. Name and address of former school.
6. Withdrawal papers from former school.
7. Student’s social security number waiver can be requested.
8. Current IEP of any exceptional educational program in which the student is enrolled.
9. Medical and emergency information.

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