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To support the core values of honesty and integrity that are inherent in the faculty, student body, and community of Tate High School, the following policy regarding cheating has been developed. Input was solicited from the faculty and the student government association. Each classroom teacher will review the cheating policy and include their definition of cheating for their classroom. Teachers will discuss both the policy and the consequences of cheating. A student who is found guilty of cheating will be subject to the following consequences:

First offense: Student will receive a zero on the assignment. a one-day suspension, participate in a conference which will include both the parent, the teacher, and the student's grade-level counselor. In addition, the student will forfeit all positions of leadership or recognition. (Leadership may include everything from officer in a club, captain of an athletic team, section leader in the band, etc. Recognition may include participation in an honor organization or participation in the homecoming court, senior superlatives, etc.) Students in these positions are to be role models for others to follow, and cheating is an unacceptable practice. Removal from these positions of honor/leadership will be for one year from the time in which the cheating occurs.

Subsequent offenses will result in additional days of suspension, and an administrator will be included in the conference with the student and the parent.

These serious consequences for cheating will be enforced when the assignment is of significance to the student's grade. Each teacher will discuss with the students what type of assignments will be considered significant in their classes. A student who cheats on a minor assignment will earn a zero on the assignment, and a conference with the student, teacher, and parent will be held.

An appeals board made up of a dean, the president/vice president of SGA, the president/vice president of the student's class, an administrator, the student's guidance counselor, and a teacher from the same discipline will convene when requested to hear a student's appeal.

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