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As many of you are aware, the Escambia County School Board put a more stringent dress code in place this year. Although it is similar to the policy that has been in place at Tate, some important changes need to be identified. The most significant involves footwear. Our goal is to have students dressed in attire that is appropriate for a safe and conducive learning environment. The following guidelines will be consistent in all middle and high schools.
Shorts, skirts, slits, or dresses should be no more than two inches above the knee or longer.
Midriff tops, halter tops, tank tops, and shirts or dresses with spaghetti straps are not permitted.
Garments made of spandex or spandex-like material are not permitted.
Any garment with obscene or offensive language or that advertises drugs or alcohol is not permitted.
The waistband of shorts, skirts, slacks, and similar garments shall not be worn below the waist.
All pants and trousers shall be worn with belts except sweat pants which are clearly manufactured and designed to be worn without a belt.
Athletic wear with an elastic waist may be worn without a belt.
Hats are not to be worn in the buildings, and no bandanas are allowed.
Undergarments may be not exposed.


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