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Providing a safe environment is both a district and a school goal. In order to ensure safety for all students, please adhere to the following policies. Students should not arrive on campus before 8:00 AM nor remain after 3:35 PM unless they are involved in a supervised activity. After hours pick-up is in front of the Tate Building. Students should not wait by the gate for a ride. The school is unable to provide supervision or safety of children left after hours. The district provides bus transportation when parents cannot pick up students in a timely manner.

The drive closest to the Tate Building should not be used to drop off or pick up students from 7:50 AM until 8:30 AM or from 2:50 PM until 3:35 PM. During these times, that area must remain clear to provide access for emergency vehicles and for handicapped access.

Both Tate and the Escambia County School District have a no tolerance policy on drugs and weapons. Students who have either on campus will be recommended for expulsion.

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